Bike Porn: Hufnagel & Integrated Stem Handlebars


Hellyer, Alleycat, Hellyer.

It's Friday and that means the start of the Friday night races at Hellyer! It's my first year out so I'm hoping to see something cool. Saturday's is Track Novel's alleycat. My friend, Ryan Resurrecion, won it last year, and he's mean on holding onto that title. And then after that? Get Ready For Summer #3 at Hellyer on Sunday. It's going to be a good weekend.


Mash TT

Sunday was the day to end all days. Mash Time Trial race was absolutely nuts. This' 300+ ft climb in 4 blocks. In the fixed category, Kyle, presumably Walton’s brother, took first, and Steve took second. For road, Chris Phipps took first, and Keith Hiller took second. Chris Phipps has a great first account on his blog here. Side note - This would make Crihs' 4th race of the weekend. Man is a beast.

Hey Sean, you jerk. You missed the park and the bar. See the photoset here.


Redbull + Benny Gold

Saturday was Redbull and if it wasn't covered to death, I'll do a quick sweep of the remnants. After 35 racers, 10 accidents, a lot of day partying in Justin Herman Plaza (like what else is new there), Jason Clary took home first and Kell took home second for the track portion. The FGFS was pretty interesting, but I don't know a damn thing about it. Kenny Arimoto and Sean Eagleton were out there ripping it up on their Destroy Cycles. The partying moved back to Benny Gold's store opening now on 16th & Valencia next to Gestalt. The store closed at 8, but the party didn't stop til 12 and that just trickled slowly into Delirium afterwards. I'd tell you more about the evening, but after two dropped whiskey bottles, i'm just gonna leave it up to the people who were there... Have fun with the photos found here.


Mission Workshop & Walton's Race

Friday began with a hangover and ended with a car accident. And everything in between was just as relevant. Mission Workshop had a sample sale, but it was also the end for Walton's Race. Crihs from New York took home first while Kell was less than a second behind. Congrats to you two! Anton was supposed to be close behind until he hit a car at 35+ mphs. The car blew the stop sign and when they saw Anton wasn't dead, they ran. He's having a speedy recovery and it didn't stop him from coming out for the rest of the weekend. See the photoset here.

After 4 days, I'm finally back and ready to post. It began with picking up Sean Martin from Takeover LA from SFO and landing at Chrome's custom bag event. Chrome held a private invite only to bloggers from all around to see their new custom bags in a plethora of colors, patterns, and material. See what they have going on their site. They wine'd and dine'd us, but we couldn't stop there. We headed over to Oakley for their pre party with Red Bull. All familiar and respected names in riding were there. And with an open bar of PBR, there was very little end to my evening. Here are a few pictures from Thursday night. You can find the rest here.