Judgment Day: TT Race

Call me a bad friend because I've been hella stoked on tomorrow's event, I completely forgot to post it. WOB Crew are throwing "Judgment Day: Time Trial Race" out in Oakland tomorrow. Yes, I will be there, and so will a lot of friends and family you know. It will be 3.2ish miles around Lake Merritt. Get your Zipp bars, and disc wheels because it's gonna be fast.


Fixed Gears Vs. A Million Lights

While I'm in Vegas for my birthday, this is going to happen. Kinda hard to say no to a Colossi custom "any" frame when I'll be surrounded by cash, alcohol, and hookers, but alas, I will have to. This should be spectacular!


Trek & Fairey

You may already know about the Shepard Fairey collab with Trek Radioshack that was released recently, but here's a story to tell about the collab. Enjoy!


Mother Mayhem...

Nike Pool 6.0 finals run montage. Nothing about this video disappointed me.

iMiNUSD & Chrome Present: Tour of California BBQ

Straight from Chrome's site:

"We're teaming up with iMiNUSD to put together a trick comp & BBQ this coming week in San Jose, CA! See you there.

All Chrome purchases will get a free gift, too!"

3-6PM @ iMiNUSD (112 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95121)

Breakers To Bay

Every year, Bay to Breakers conjures thousands of people from professional athletes to costumed crusaders to cross SF in a marathon race. MASH started up Breakers to Bay, a race that starts off at the opposite end and races across the city, and sometimes through the marathon. This year was short with the first rider coming in 35 minutes after start with 2 checkpoints. Congrats to the winners of this race!

Check out John Reiss' photos here:
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