The Bicycle Lounge

I lived in Riverside for 6 years before moving up to SF. The bike culture was sparse, and the drivers were insane. Riverside began my riding, my love for riding, and the people that loved riding.

I worked with The Bicycle Lounge, a non profit co op that helped novices and experts, and they were a mile stone in my life. They were recently featured in IE's local news. Read the article here.

Thank you, Brian, and the rest for all your hard work over all this time.


SF GreenSeries presents Park Circuit Alleycat

This past Sunday was the Park Circuit Alleycat. A short, brutal race, SF GreenSeries promises for more races this summer. Best of all, they'll be on Sundays! John was there to take photos. Check out his flickr here. Thanks, guys, for the cold beers at the finish!

The results are as follows:
1. Adam
2. J.B.
3. Sardine
4. Danny
5. Chas
6. Steven Tortorelli
7. Jeremiah
8. Dyami
9. Mark
10. Mike
11. Chris
12. Another Mark
13. Anthony


June 11 & 12

I forget how crazy I get during my birthday... week. At least I'm still alive. Now back to my postings:

Hey! This weekend's gonna be awesome and full of alleycats. On Saturday, if you're a courier, you get to race in Global Gutz. A race that's held in multiple cities that starts simultaneously offering as much of a level playing field without having to travel.

Oh look, Sunday! Spokeland Benefit Alleycat features Wipeout! Spokeland is a Bicycle Co Op in Oakland and they're nice enough to throw a race. See ya'll then!