MAN UP! Pre Registration Party Tonight

GO. Terry's gonna be there shooting pictures. I'm gonna try to get kicked out.


NYC : Premium Rush Premiere

There were a lot of NYC heads that put time and effort into Premium Rush so they did it big when the movie came out. Check out Affinity's blog for more photos and JGL giving the crazy eyes.


Premium Rush Premiere SF Group Ride

Bidding a farewell to a friend last night means I will post one thing and one thing only. Premium Rush ride was fun especially with great friends. Check out the set here. Does anyone want to have Cheladas after work? My brain's killing me.


FWOD Sadie Hawkins Ride

Last Wednesday, I cruised out to Oakland to meet FWOD for their Sadie Hawkins ride. Only by invitation from a lady/transgender, I was scored by a babe the night before. A chill ride that consisted of 4 (or 3. My date had Rebel Yell) parks where we got drunk and played small games. The ride, the alcohol, and the girls are a blast. I hope to be invited on the next one; it's the only time in Oakland I've felt safe?

Check the rest out here.