NY : Friday Night Rush Hour

Who the fuck do I follow?? Maybe I'll take pictures instead.

Red Hook Crit : Cinelli Vigorelli First Prize

Cinelli comes correct yet again. At Wolfpack Crash Race last weekend, they offered up a road frame for the raffle, and now they will have this one off Cinelli Vigorelli for first prize.

Red Hook Crit : A Fuckin Cowbell!

I haven't had a lot of time to show my enthusiasm over my trip to New York. With everything being pumped out from LOW Bicycles, NAHBS, and most recently my trip to LA for the Crash Race, I've been out of sync with RHC news. SO let's start with this :

Saturday group ride let by Stone Tone to the start. Everyone who participates gets a cowbell. A FUCKIN COWBELL!

Nagasawa Road Frame

Nagasawas are rare and a road one? Even more so, but a fellow named Ted from California will be getting this in the mail soon. WTSHIT.

From Tokyo Fixed Gear

Affinity x Мишка 5 Year Anniversary Collab

Part of Project 10 space at Magic, Affinity and Мишка collab on this hot frame. Featuring iconic symbols from both sides, Lamour Supreme was chosen to lay down the paint.

This is only one of five that will be for sale. Part of the proceeds will go to Kissena Velo Fund.