KLIFGT 2012 Teaser Trailer


Cadence Morning Shift Ride

Be there or be somewhere else.


Bob Haro BMX Comics

Just spotted these rad Bob Haro BMX cartoons at Bike Jerks' blog. They're pretty damn incredible and I wonder if there's more of his illustrations out there. I posted a couple, but check out more on Bike Jerks' page.


This is a sneak peek so I'm wondering if there will be more? We can only hope.

CYKELN Mag Download Available Meow

Download the new mag here!

Rothera Cycling KOM Cap

Check out this father daughter combo sporting their matching TdF fan gear. Rothera Cycling hand printed their KOM dots by hand for Paul who will be traveling next month to check out the tour. These kinds of stuff makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


MASH : TdF & Summer Games Memorabilia

MASH has a bunch of stuff to commemorate TdF and London Olympics this year. From a shirt that provides all the male winners in Olympic cycling to Purist Specialized water bottles featuring the iconic elevation design that makes MASH and SF so memorable. Clutch.

Skidding Jesus Tee

Jesus Skid Clothing just rereleased 50 limited shirts of their skidding Jesus. So if you'd like to pick one up, check it out here. Wait... wasn't there another skidding Jesus you have seen before? Yeah, by Mike Giant. And looks a lot fresher.


Colorado : Velo Chase Alleycat

Quake City Rumble 2012 Comes To A Close

That's right. 4 days of amazing is done. Congratulations to Zach Morvant and Sam Bell for Overall Winners and Sardene and April for making this shit happen! I can't remember all the details, but this' what I do have :

Mtn Lion - Steve Tortorelli
Mtn Lion (Fixed) - Paul Drozdowski
Mtn Lion (Ladies) - Katie Steyler
Female/Trans : 138 - Becca Cohen
Saturday Race - Chas Christiansen
Saturday Race (Ladies) - Sam Bell
TT (Men) - Zach Morvant
TT (Ladies) - Sam Bell
Out Of Towner (Men) - Hernando Montenegro Out of Towner (Ladies) - Mel "LuvSik" Seeger Race To Registration - Anton Bennett
Click through for the rest of the set here.