Pedalfest Starts Today

Pedalfest events start today with a track criterium in Sacramento. Click here for FB details.
Saturday, if they have that minidrome to play on, I'm there with tequila and a good time. Check out the flyer above and FB page for the rest of the events. I'd do it myself, but I'm hungover off tequila and white women.

Oh, and check the after party ride.


Campagnolo Tool Prints

Check out David Trimble's run of iconic Campagnolo tools. Limited run of 5, each one is different.

Cedar Cycling Bay Area Shirt Edition

Cedar Cycling has some new tees in stock. Based off Bay Area routes, this will make anyone that recognize it smirk.

Cop yours here and while you're at it, they're offering their Merino Wool baselayer in a bundle of 3 for only $175. Sick deal.

NYC : Pedal Pursuit

Strada Customs ran their first ever Pedal Pursuit outta NYC this weekend. For a company whose all about getting loud, they did it big for this race. Can't wait to see how they'll top this one out.

Good Food Lookbook 2012

The rest of US is on the verge of heat stroke and right now in SF at 4pm, it is 63 degrees. Normally, this is the shit, but watch this video and then get jealous that there are barbeques, endless summers, and a lot of booze that is pleading to cool you down. A solid video lookbook by the Good Food Crew and Stone Tone.


Bike Thief Arrested & Bike Recovered

Now here's a great story. Going under the alias Simon Jackson, a Portland resident had his $2,500 ride stolen. It pops up 2 days later via Craigslist, but in Seattle. So he does what any pissed off cyclist does; sets up a disposable number via Burner app, contacts the thief, set up a time, gets up at 5:30am, drives to Seattle, and confronts him. It does feel give a great feeling watching the situation unfold. So... watch it.

Stabilimentum Show : Dalek Invades Hurley Gallery

There is a lot of crossover between street artists and bike culture. Obey and Fuji, Shepard Fairey and Trek, Futura and Colnago, and of course, Mike Giant and Cinelli.

Hurley has a new recyclable swim shorts in an eye catching hi vis yellow/green and to promote it, held an exhibit at their gallery. While Dalek wasn't teaming up with anyone and showed off his art installations inspired by the shorts, LDG was definitely representing the bike aspect with their custom painted Aero frames.

Glad to see Dalek's still going strong and evolving one helluva lot as an artist. It's a long way from the flourescent weapons I once knew him for.

See below for the video.

Jay Tsujimura's Camera Jewelry

If you ever want to spruce up your film camera, check out Jay Tsujimura's jewelry accents. The collection is comprised of floral and lizard designs, all made of 925 silver. The range can be used on Nikon, Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji X-100, Fuji X-10, and RICOH-GR cameras, as well, next to the Leica ones of course. Some may consider it cheesy, but I personally like it. Fashion with function.

CMWC 2012 : Chris Dilt's Photoset

Chris Dilt has an amazing photoset from CMWC posted. Check them out here.


LOW Bicycles With Another Sick Build

LOW has a hot new build posted on their Tumblr. The white on red really makes the color pop against the muted tones of the components. I remember Eugene had a white on red KHS pursuit ages ago, and this is definitely reminiscent of it. A very ill build.

I Miss The Rain...

Only 3 more months left... Photo by Josh Hayes

CMWC Posters In Stock!

"Are there anymore posters left?"
"No! They ran out at the event!"
"What! I hate you, Christina Peck!"

That was my first conversation about them. Now, Ryan has been so kind enough to make a second run, but it's only limited to 30 and I've already bought 3. And if you were a fan of SK as a hot dog during CMWC, you'd snatch up as many as you could.

Get them here!

Justin's De Rosa Track Bike Recovered!

Have faith, people. Justin's De Rosa was stolen 6 years ago, and he recently recovered it in Portland. All details aside, it's great to see him reunited again. If you have lost your bike before, be diligent; it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to get back what you love. Small miracles.

CMWC 2012 Jerseys In Stock!

By popular demand, CMWC is restocking on their Chicago 2012 jerseys. If you missed picking one up at the event or wasn't able to go, but still wants one, here's your chance! Swoop them here.


Joh's Pink Kagero

"Fuck barbeque bikes, real men ride pink bikes." If Sky Boyer, Velo Cult, wasn't such an influential person, then maybe Josh Hayes would never have listened to him. Good thing that's not the case and instead, Josh comes out with this hot pink and white toned Kagero. It reminds us all a lot of his two toned Presto he was riding in MACAFRAMA.

Gage + DeSoto Water Bottles

Gage + DeSoto have some really awesome water bottles up on their page. Too bad it sold out almost immediately. Check them out here/complain til they're back in stock.