Bike To Work Day

Today is the official Bike To Work Day. Across America, people are ditching their cars and jumping on their bicycle to get to work and in every city, there are a hosts of activities that will get you to and from work with ease. San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is offering Energizing Stations around the city. Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is offering up an electric bike! But if you're not into that, you can easily just stop in their multiple informal happy hours with free bike valet. For every other city, go see what you got going!

Hey, this is gonna be awesome because it encourages most people who don't bike commute daily to try it at least once. And it makes me smile everytime I see any cyclist on the road trudging through close calls, crappy roads, and any incline.


Alex Loves Tail Gunning

Track season is in full effect with something happening almost everyday. Tuesdays include Category 4/5 Mens, 4/5 Womens, and 1/2s. Wednesdays include 3/4s. Some Fridays are bringing back out “Friday Night Racing” that offers free food, drinks, spectating, and entertainment. They feature 1, 2, 3’s all night. Saturday has race events quite often, and you can always find an open session throughout the week. Check out Hellyer's website for the entire schedule.

Still being in the 5’s, watching some of the 1/2s race is really spectacular. Alex Farioletti mounted a couple Go Pros to his bike for GRFS #3. Watch him do work during the Men's Final Keirin race. Great work, Alex!


Bicycle Coffee Co

Here's a great article about my friends at The Bicycle Coffee Co. If you're not familiar, BCC is run by Brandon, Cameron, and Matthew McKee, all brothers, their cousin Brad Butler, and close buddy Mikael Kirkman. They've been serving great coffee for a couple years now and are becoming a mobile steadfast part of the Bay Area community. Not to mention, they are a great set of guys who always make you feel welcome whenever you're around. Be sure to follow them on Twitter at BicycleCoffeeCo.

Bike Blog : Deal With It SF

One of my favorite bicycle related blogs I like to keep up with is Deal With It SF. Run by Matt Rice, his theme is simple: Cycling, Skating, and Kendama. One of my favorite things about their site is “Messenger Mondays” where they do a quick photo op and a short description about a SF messenger. Here's their latest MM post.

Freshjive Moving Pictures - Bicycle Seat from freshjive on Vimeo.