Somebody please give her my number so i can text her how cool she is.


The Harris Tweed Ride

Spotted at Jamie Vincent Gillespie's Vimeo and stole this description along with it:

On 7th August 2011 Glasgow's elegant Gentleman and lavish Ladies, dressed in their finest Harris Tweed attire, gathered together for Glasgow's first Harris Tweed Ride, enjoying exquisite cuisine and refreshments from around the city.

How to Interact with Vehicles

Spotted over at Hern's Tumblr

(PS - You're gonna have to click on it to see the full effect)

20% Sale at Pushbike

This weekend, Pushbike's having a 20% off sale! Everyone's favorite store is sellin shit. For cheap! Srsly meow, how can you not go in?

Saturday - 12-7
Sunday - 12-6

Grab yourself a seat and wait outside

Bart Vs. Anonymous

Taiwanese "people" tries to explain the Bart vs. Anonymous feud that's been plaguing our poor city. If you're unfamiliar with the situation, here's the chronological order of the situation:

- Bart beat a homeless man to death that sparks community outrage
- Protest where protesters jam doors and halt trains goes on
- Bart tries to foil by shutting down cell service
- Anonymous (group of hackers) steal thousands of MyBart names, passwords, address, etc and post to MyBart site
- They attack again by displaying the names, addresses, etc. of a 100 Bart police officers
- It could be a french girl?

Okay, my details may be a lil hazy so refer to the Huffington or SF Weekly if you want it straight. Either way, that video's funny.

Thee Rubdown

Oh yeah. And this! Sweet marker skills, yo.

SF Fixation Movie Premiere

Don't forget that tonight is the movie premiere of Fixation at Chrome. Here are the details:

We're hosting the west-coast premier of Fixation at the SF shop this August, alongside Bikes to Rwanda and New Belgium Brewing. Make sure to save the date!

Doors at 7, Screening at 8:30

Live music by:

Acid Fast - 7PM, Big Kids - 9PM

$1 Beers (w/ID), Goldsprints & product raffles!


Stolen LOW bike

Lindsey's "Low" bike has been STOLEN. There's not many out there and this' the only size Small. It's also got pink decals. If u see it call TCB Courier ASAP!!!

415 797 2255

Warsaw Photos

Just peeped this over at Just Fixed Wheel Photography's Blog. This photo of Steve kills it (but you should be riding the black line!)

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844

Known as Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844, it cost $46 in China. Sold in elegant bottles and aged in wooden cask, this' a premium beer that's supposed to rival Scotch whiskeys and fine wines.

Someone get me a bottle, puweese.


Ant Bikes

Ant Bike Mike Makes an Antbike from zak lee on Vimeo.

Spotted over at Flwrider

Caution SF Cyclist

(Kinda relevant photo, but it's a girl on a bike. Spotted via FY,G+B)

After the cyclist who was hit and killed after making the illegal left, and the woman who was struck by a cyclist and died, SFPD has picked up word about their relax enforcement. They set up a station on 5th and Market last week flagging down any and all cyclist who are breaking a law.

I was told by a cop that on an intersection near Divisadero and Oak, 3 cyclist were hit last week and enforcement is going up in general. Be careful out there.

Scoped on SF Weekly

Bill Fucking Murray

Murder of Couriers

Peeped this over at TOLA. I like the play on words.


THEE RUBDOWN and FIXATION Alleycat/Goldsprints

This Thursday, there's an alleycat preceding the Fixation movie at Chrome! As always, the flyers for the 1 Post races is premium.

King of Vegas Alleycat

Hern, winner of last year's race, already has the flyer for this year's Interbike alleycat up. No details yet, but expect this won't be easy.

The Impossible Hour

This movie's got the nitty gritty of track racing.