Archive Bags presents a Brompton Custom Bag

Meet Victor, a local San Franciscan and creator of Archive Bags. I first met him a half year ago or so at a bike event and since then, have been excited to see his products at alleycats and shops around the Bay. He is really talented and that is only exemplified in his craft. Recently, he created a custom leather bag for Brompton Bikes.

It features clips that can be used to attach to a front rack. Highly stylish and it looks more well manageable for every day living. See his site atArchive Bags


Rapha + Paul Smith

Rapha + Paul Smith SS11 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Rapha + Paul Smith has a full line of clothing and accessories available now. Some of the highlights include their perforated track gloves inspired by the hard working individuals in the velodrome.

I never enjoy rushing through traffic on my way to somewhere and neither do I like to show it. I can at least look well enough in their Windproof Cycling Shirt. Made from the same material as their rain jacket, they also offer jersey style pockets to alleviate carrying your bag everywhere you go.

See the rest at Rapha + Paul Smith