Future of Bike Couriers

Wired.com came out with a great article about the present and future of messengers and companies. I'm a little surprised that not more companies are adapting themselves to this motto as I had this exact same conversation two weeks ago about how not more alleycats are not using social media to promote their races. It's great to see Austin Horse & Wild Bill as part of the article too. Read the article here.

Rapha For The Rest Of Us

Rapha has sat outside most cyclists’ budget, but with their clearance items, you may be able to justify a new jersey after all. Click here for their clearance section.


Month of May Kick Off

This weekend is going to be ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

First, Sean from Takeover LA is flying in Thursday. Then there’s the slew of events going on.

Friday : Walton’s Race
Saturday : Redbull, Lady/Trans Alleycat
Sunday : Mash Race

And if I have any energy left, there’s the parties. If any of you ladies are interested in a fun lady's only alleycat, make your way to it and then come back to the Redbull event afterwards. If you were thinking of coming in this weekend, make your plans now. Check out the flyers below: