Mash presents Cutty Cross Cat

I lagged on giving you all a heads up, but here's all the info you'll need for the race.

Check the map here and the photos below.

Affinity & The Six Days Race

This is pretty stellar and needed a reblog. Affinity sponsored rider Dan Sullivan will be traveling to race in the first Union International Six Days Race. He will be the only American competing in the Sprint competition, racing in Keirins and Match Sprints with perhaps flying laps and some derney action.

Recapped from Affinity Cycles

Paul Newman

Before Richey Ditta did this in Mash, Paul Newman was tearing it up.

Track Science

The Perfect Athlete from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.

This video has some really great insight to track racing. It's a science, not a legend.


BABe: StickMeUp's Kelly SSCX

Stick Me Up's Kelly SSCX Bike

SF Bike Party - September 2nd

SF Bike Party is happening tomorrow, Friday. They will be touring through some of the swankiest spots in SF; some that you didn't know of, some that you never knew was bike friendly.

Here's the planned route. Come and ride with a bunch of folks!\

Colnago: The Art of Making a C59


If this Colnago doesn't make you completely sweaty from the inside, what's wrong with you?


2011 Singlespeed CX Worlds will be hosted in SF this year, and Murphy is shaping it up! HERE is the link to the site. Check in for updates as the season draws near.

Follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

Repost from MASH SF

Mark, Crihs, and Chas Need A Place To Crash!

My friends Mark, Chas, and Crihs are riding from SF to LA to Vegas. Yeah, it's gonna be epic, but they're in need of some help. If anyone lives in Monterey, San Luis Obispo, or Santa Barbara, and would house 3 of some of the most amazing people out there, let them know. Here's the snippet from the MASH SF site.

Hey all you shredders out there!

Mark Marino, Crihs Thorman, and myself are leaving on Tuesday the 6th from SF and riding to LA..

Gonna party down at BFF LA and then ride to Vegas for Interbike.

We plan on stopping in Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara.

And we are looking for a spot to crash! So if you, or anyone you know would be into putting up three dudes on bike tour let me know!!

We can provided, cold six packs, stinky socks, and hilarious stories.

(and Mark is a great dancer.)

Hit me up via email and let me know whats good.

rubber side down


Cinelli Laser Reproduction 2011 (or 2012?)

Hella busy morning at work! The first one today's a good one. Reproduction of Cinelli Laser has been lurked on at Eurobike (and leaking everywhere else). I'm guessing more info will rise after iBike. I'm gonna try to touch it even if that means getting kicked out.


Phil Wood Track Cranks

YES you heard right,Phil Wood Track Cranks via Velo News
The price is going to be determined but it will be worth every penny.

BABe: Pacifico's 3RenSho

A Bay Area Bike, this one belongs to Pacifico. Enjoy

Chicago's New Velodrome

It's been a long time since Chicago has had a new velodrome. Well, this guy wants to create a new one. Under Chicago Velo Campus, this guy's goal is to create one. The permanent facility is approximately the size of the United Center with an estimated cost of $45MM. They expect that to open in late 2013, but until then, they have an interim track of 166 meters. A little small, but its to bring awareness to the new velodrome. Well, the new one's open and it looks amazing.

Add them on Facebook and check out their Site.

Cannondale Catalogs

I used to get a lot of questions about Cannondale tracks. The internet is a wonderful thing; mainly that you can download all the Cannondale catalogs over the years from one fantastic website. Seriously. The web is moving away from sourcing info to just asking social networks, but I still believe in being a personal information hub. So suck it, web 3.0.

Here's the site.

Photo Credit to Robert Medeiros


Cadence Clothing Sale

While supplies last. Seriously.


TOLA gets their iBike Passes

Looks like my homies from TOLA got their passes. This will be a dangerous trip.

Inside Line Equipment x MASH

Inside Line Equipment is an independent bag maker based in Berkeley California. Eric has developed some really bright bags, and Mash is happy to represent him here in San Francisco. The first 3 bags are in their shop, and online. Come by, and try thttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifhem out. The camera bag is a great solution fhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifor a race day bag that can double as a photo/video bag. Intelligent design, made one bag at a time. GO ILE!!!

Kalavinka Love

I love you, Kalavinka.


Why We Ride

Spotted over at People for Bikes

Specialized Allez by Yoshi Konno

One of my dream bikes is the 1983 Specialized Allez. Back when Specialized was starting off as a company, they would contract builders to create their frames. Some names include Tim Neenan (Lighthouse), Jim Merz, and Mark Dinucci (Strawberry). This particular year was the first and made by Yoshi Konno (3Rensho).

There's a lot of (mis)information out there and I in no way will vouch 100% for mine, but one thing's for sure; they exist and they are beautiful. I owned a 1986, made by Miyata at the time, for a couple months before I had to let it go. I passed it on to Jared over at Timbuk2 and now it lives in the store grinning with pleasure.

James Dean Rides A Bike

Spotted at Rides A Bike

Olympic Velodrome has a BMX track

London's new Olympic velodrome's also getting a BMX track? GOOD BLESS THE BIKE GODS.