Cadence Inmate Shoes

The newest edition of the Cadence Collection includes these denim and leather sneak collab with DVS. They are limited so stop by their shop and grab them before they're gone.

Miller High Life x Chrome Contest Party

Hey all you non California & DC residents, Chrome's got a contest with their new limited edition gear. Here's what you can win :

Round trip airfare for two to Chicago
Accommodations for three nights
2 custom Miller High Life Citizen messenger bags made to order at the Chrome Chicago Shop
Ground transportation to Milwaukee
A VIP Tour of the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee
Beer sampling at the Bavarian-style Miller Inn
Two Tickets For the Annual “Holiday Lites” Festival in downtown Milwaukee’s Miller Valley

Thanks for sending this over. Enter the contest here

TCB Party!!!

I ran into Chas and John at Full Frame Collective's show last night and they invited me out to this. So I'd like to extend the invitation to everyone else. Hope to see you there!


John Prolly Got Jokes

This is John Prolly. That recent post about Cannondale reissuing the old track bikes? JOKES. They're hella funny. Commend him for stirring the hell outta the interwebz.

Cannondale Reissues the 92-95 Track Frames

I have to repost this. After their track stable wasn't selling well, Cannondale called Prolly. After some conversation, Prolly convinced Cannondale to go back to 93 and will be reissuing those models. Now here's my gripe:

- They're called Tarck 100.
- They will be made in Taiwan.
- Their complete bikes will come with Sun tubular rims.

For a company who rooted themselves on their aluminum craftsmanship in America, why not go all the way? Rather than listening to Prolly, Cannondales going with options that suit them. Regardless, I got a lot of respect for Prolly and I'm glad to see companies like Cannondale are listening to him.

Spotted at Prolly.