Dustin Klein Art Show

A little late, but Dustin Klein from Cadence Collection is having a show tonight at Ritual. 7-9pm. I talked to him a month ago about what he had in mind for the show. Talking to him overloaded my brain so I'm going tonight to burn out whatever sensors are left.


TCB Calendar Party

If you've been to one, you know the drill - Starts with friends getting off work unwinding down. Then a few drinks happen and suddenly everyone's outside only to walk inside to get a drink or pee (and not always), and then it gets weird. O yeah, I'm hopin for it.

Update from Crihs :

Tonight at El Rio. We will be selling calenders at $15 and 8x10 b/w mounted on foam core prints of several TCB riders. Prints will be auctioned off starting at $15 with minimum bids of $4.

8-11p. See you then.