LA Movie Premieres

I'm going to LA this weekend with John & Ryan for a couple things. On Thursday, Alex and crew have their movie premiere for "Fixation". If you're on facebook, here's the event page. Otherwise, here's the info:

23rd : 8pm-2am
Mountain Bar, Chinatown
473 Gin Ling Way

On Saturday, "To Live & Ride in LA" premieres and I hear there are goldsprints going on. Sean, you better show us a good time or else I'm stealing a cat.

25th: 6:30pm
8910 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Any of you So Cal folk make it out, I'd really like to do some portrait shooting this weekend. Put on your game face, and come out! This will be a good weekend.

To Live & Ride In L.A. OFFICIAL TRAILER from TRAFIK on Vimeo.

Bicycle Music

This song was made entirely of sounds from a bicycle. The only processing effects used were compressor, distortion, delay and EQ.

Specialized Beats from WhiteNoise | Lab on Vimeo.