Rapha Cyclocross Art Show Recap by CX Magazine

My photos were published in CX magazine! Emily Haddad asked me to shoot the CX art show at Rapha a couple months ago, and they just posted the article for the event. I'm always stoked to have my stuff published. Read their article here.

Bay Area Citizen : Pedal Savvy Article

Bay Area Citizen came over on Monday while Gwen was giving me and Brandon a fitting and low & behold, an article came out of it! Gwen has been super hard at work making this year's Pedal Savvy fashion show exceptional and I hope you all can make it to see me and the rest of the models strut their stuff.

November 12 & 13th

Be there!

Benny Gold & The Mission Map Project

Benny Gold for Mission Map Project from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

Fuck yeah! A couple days ago, I posted on Chas working with Agency Charlie on the Mission Map Project. Well now Benny Gold is added to that list! Here's the excerpt from their page:

"The Mission district of San Francisco is by far my favorite neighborhood in the city. It’s the neighborhood where I live, where my store is located and the one that I am raising my daughter in. I am proud to be a part of a community that is growing daily and has so much to offer.

Over the past few years a lot of business, people, art and personalities have moved into the Mission. Mike Giant and PPC has gotten together to highlight the things that we love about the neighborhood. The Mission Map Project consists of a hand drawn map, by Mike Giant (How cool is that!) and an accompanying video project by Agency Charlie.

Here is my sit down with them to discuss why we opened up our SF retail storhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gife in this particular neighborhood and how my life revolves around 4 Mission blocks.

I hope that it gives you a little insight into this amazing neighborhood. Check out the rest of the interviews here to see why this neighborhood is so special.

Thank you for including me!"

Looks like there's a whole slew of interviews to peep.


Affinity S&S Coupled Metro Prototype

Affinity's got a prototype in the works. Their Metropolitan frame has keirin inspired geometry TIG welded with 4130 Chromoly tubing. What's awesome about this prototype is the S&S couplers. Forget airline fees and get yourself a serious steel track frame to travel with.

Now if only someone did this with a Lo Pro... Check out more flicks by Affinity & Prolly below.

New York : Tweed Run

The Yung Jen Whalen sent me over this video about the Tweed Run in New Yorhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifk. Starting out of London, it made its way over to New York a couple years ago and has spiraled into a phenomenal ride. Check out the Tweed Run website and watch the clip so you can gawk at Jen if you'd like.

Jason Yim in Kuala Lumpur

There's already a video of Jason in Malaysia? Those kids are about it.

Bike Expo 2011

3 more days...

and 2 more days til the Yung Sean Martin & friends show up. This feels like another Red Bull weekend.

Bike Porn : Dig Face

Tipped from Dom


Cadence Warehouse Sale @ The Bike Expo

That's right. If you want part of Cadence's awesome sale, you're going to need to get your ass down to the Bike Expo. You can buy tickets at select bike shops throughout the city. Check out their FB for more info.

Philly : House Party Cat 4

If Bike Expo wasn't this weekend, I would buy a plane ticket out. Jeff & friends throw their 4th House Party Cat and if the flyer doesn't get you pumped, check out the video below. It's 10:22am and I feel the need to be hammered. And check out their FB page!

Chas & The Mission Map Project

TCB Courier for Mission Map from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

Chas is working with Mike Giant and Agency Charlie to work on a map project about the Mission. The Mission is a living, heart pounding neighborhood and there are few and far people who see it and its network as much as he does.


Bike Porn : Fork Crowns

Japan: Massan X Pez "Snakes in the Grass" Art Show

Massan's out with Pez in Japan for his "Snakes in the Grass". Check out the flyer for details (which isn't much, but looks hella rad).


Macaframa is Going to Kuala Lumpur

5 MACA folks will be flying out to Kuala Lumpur for the KLIFGT2011 competition going on this weekend. I'm especially stoked that Jason Clary will be out there in LDG's kit. Bring me back a motherfuckin story!

Philly Bike Expo

Check out this awesome video recapping the Philly Bike Expo. I can't wait for SF's Bike Expo coming up this weekend.

Full Frame Collective X Werehaus X Cadence X LOW

Cadence and LOW have been busy working with Full Frame Collective & Werehaus giving us a sneak peek of this. Be sure to watch out with their work with MACAFRAMA as well.

Velocity : Built in the USA

Everyone's favorite fixed gear deep V company available in a bajillion colors and patterns will now be manufacturing their goods in Florida. With their distribution working out of Grand Rapids, they will have all operations out of the States. I'm absolutely thrilled; companies like Velocity and Cannondale are finding the value of production back in the states. Support your LOCAL(Country)!

P.s. - They make a lot more than just Deep V's...

Here's the announcement made on Velocity's website:


Monster Mash Video Edit

Storts came out with a quick edit with this 3 minute banger from the Monster MASH Halloween Alleycat. Chas took 1st, Fergus took 2nd (and on his LOW frame), while Steve took 3rd.

Thanks for the heads up, bro!

Seoul Got Soul : Fallen Leaves

Back in the early 90's, Soul had a promising leap towards implementing bike lanes, but due to poor planning, it created more congestion than relief. Seoul Got Soul is a film project highlighting the lack of bike lanes and hopes to spur up bettehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifr planning this time around.

This is the second video from DK Productions

Bike Porn : Unpaved Roads

Can you spot him?

Spotted at Cycling Inquisition