Burning Monsters

Too dope not to repost. Found on Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan.

Vegas Drag Race 2011

Hell yeah.

Hellcat 2011 : 11/11/11

hellcat 2011 from lajalousie on Vimeo.

This looks hellish. Anyone know where this is??

Cadence x Low Track Bike

Cadence and Low have been working on a bike together. They've been posting sneak peek and stage photos, but now it's finally done. I can't wait to see it at Interbike.

Check out the rest of the details:


Leak of the new Cinelli Mash 2012

The new 2012 Cinelli Mash frame. Someone snuck a photo of this at Encino last night. This' slick. I'm almost positive this is going to be built up for Interbike and i can't wait to snap photos of it. See you there...

Spotted on TOLA.

Cannondale in Movement

Another Cycle Angelo shot.

Girls On Bikes - An Installation


"An ongoing public installation project.

Working with volunteer models, bikes (INSA’s current preferred icon of commodified culture), and large scale painted walls INSA creates momentary installations in public spaces.

In this set of photographic works INSA orchestrates a conflicting dialogue between all the elements and explicitly subordinates the value of his own street art to both the possessed object of the bike and the overtly sexualized female presence. Thus questioning our individual perceptions of ownership of public space, of sexuality and of belonging(s)."

Spotted at I Love My Bicycle.

Mash x Vegas

Interbike 2010 Vegas from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

I'm getting more and more stoked with every passing moment.


King of Vegas Flyer

Sean from TOLA's been riding 20-30 miles a day. Chas, Marc, and Crihs will clock in almost 1000 miles by Wednesday. Me? I think I biked to the bank last night that's 4 blocks away.

Time to remember what it feels like to not breath.

Mash presents Cutty Cross Cat Recap

Mash recaps their cross race on Monday. Here are the results:

1: Rainier (coming in at 42 minutes)

2: Derek

3: Blake

4: Kyle

5: Chas

6: James J

7: Urie

8: Dylan

9: Garrett

10: Kell

Check out the rest of the details here.

Trail A Bike Seat Shot

This photo's ILL. Photo taken in front of a trail-a-bike.

An Accident in NY

This makes my stomach twist. Taken from Fuck Yeah, Girls + Bikes...

"I’m not about to confirm anything, but based on what onlookers told me, he got hit, dragged 50+ feet and didn’t make it. I don’t know. What I do know is there was a whole lot of blood on the street. Be careful out there… RIDE SAFE!

UPDATE: I hate hearing news like this. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Brooklyn biker dies after being struck and dragged by car - NY POST."


Roadrunner x Takeover LA Pouch and Holster

TOLA's got big thangs going on over on his end. They teamed up with Roadrunner Bags on a hip pouch and a cell case.

Peep the write up and inspiration for this collaboration over at TOLA.

My fingers are itchy on testing them out.

Bicycle Film Festival SF 2011

Over the past couple months, I've been working on a few projects this year and I'm excited to start talking about this one. Bicycle Film Festival comes to San Francisco once again and we got a whole slew of events for this one. Check out the schedule:

BFF Kick Off Party The Knockout | 3233 Mission St.

Bike Movies Victoria Theatre | 2961 16th St.
After Party Bender's | 806 South Van Ness Ave.

BFF Street Party Capp St. between 16th and 17th Streets
BFF Ride with Mike Giant Leaving from BFF Street Party
Bike Movies Victoria Theatre | 2961 16th St.
Bikes Rock Milk Bar | 1840 Haight Street

BFF BBQ Kick-Back Rickshaw | 904 22nd St. at Minnesota St.

Check out their Facebook here.