FCC With Another Stunter

Check out this wicked shot from Kyle of Full Frame Collective. "Since I got my Hasselblad, I’ve been extra eager to go out and shoot. Last week on my day off I hit up Pete Brandt to go shoot some photos. He’s been working on some new tricks and had them dialed in enough to shoot. I took him to the alley way at the SF Chronicle building. It was mid day so I didn’t want to shoot in open light, but I wanted to mix the ambient light with my flashes. Here Pete demonstrates how to get tech while avoiding syringes and crack pipes." FCC always doing great things.

MASH Breakers To Bay Race 5.18

From MASH: "Come race Sunday 10AM. Brakeless Fixed only. Get Stoked" Done and done.


Neil Steven's Tour Riders

Check out Neil Steven's art for the upcoming Tour de France. "Coming soon to Cycling Plus magazine this summer is a variety of illustrations i've created in the build up to the Tour de France. Here, I've created a few vintage cards of the prominent riders that will appear in this years event and are a sneak preview of a larger set of illustrations that form a preview section to the Tour." Feels like Men's Digest for the modern cyclist. Right? Or am I still drunk? Check out his page here.


East Bay Rally Cat 5/19


Chrome "Turd for Gold" Contest

Last year's Turd for Gold was insane. 4 trucks full of shoe boxes rolled to Chrome for the smelliest drop off this side of Missippi. And now they wanna fuck us all up and do it again. "It's back! Starting tomorrow for 4 days only, we're giving away a pair of shoes every hour (8am to 6pm PST). Send us a picture of your beat up shoes, tag us and at the end of every hour, we'll pick the biggest turd and exchange it for a little gold" That's right. Hit up their Facebook with your pictures, tag them in, and wait. I got my Kursks that are jibber jabbering right now that needs their photos taken...


Breakbrake17 Transfer Track Frame

Breakbrake17 just unveiled photos of their Transfer track frames. Triple triangle, slight pursuit, and Columbus Cromor tubing are some of the highlights. The decal work is done by Dustin Klein, the genius behind Cadence Collection. Looks fresh and i can't wait to see more build photos.

Click here to see more photos

A Day of the Races : A Night of Cervezas

Woot! Save the Date everyone!


CBNC : Sean's Gettin A Kissena

I'm murderous jealous with rage. After an accident with his Lo Pro, Sean from TOLA is now sponsored by Affinity for CBNC and will be riding a Kissena soon. Peep this clip and help him get to Jakarta!

John Reiss : Mash 1 Year Anniversary Race

John has this great photo from MASH's 1 Year Anniversary Race. Check out his flickr for other shots.

DZR's New Commercial

I love watching the process behind a product. DZR has a short commercial out with a step by step through the creation of their Minna shoes. Great job, guys!