"Messenger", A Movie by Daniel Leeb

Well respected NYC and global messenger community Daniel Leeb of Cinecycle has launched a kickstarter to raise the rest of funds needed to finish post production on Messengers. Daniel has been working on this for 10 years and every little bit helps! Check out these stills below.


2013 Cinelli Vigorelli

Damn. First look at Cinelli's 2013 Vigorelli. I can't tell if that's black and pink with a matte paint job. What do you think? Spotted from Ikram's Twitter.

Port Sprint Photos

Chad Illac has his photos posted from Port Sprints on Friday. Check out the set here.


Fyxation Photo Contest

The Fyxation contest is heating up. There's a lot of great photos posted up on Fyxation's fan page right meow and if you haven't gotten a chance to see them, go here and see what's going on. While this was a photo contest, Joe came out with an edit as well. Peep it!

2013 Macaframa Track Frames

Peeped from Prolly, he's got a good guess about the plain colorway of the frame. "If you’ve ever been to SF and seen aluminum trackbikes, you know the initial livery is not what people tend to display. Instead, stickers, paint markers and other things cover frames, from chainstay to top tube. So why even have a paint design?" Smart man, that Prolly.

Benny Gold & Jansport Backpack

Benny Gold and Jansport team up on this stellar bag. Plenty of modern details with a traditional look, Benny's individual bag experience will make this versatile enough for carrying around your skateboards, markers, 12ers, and everything else. What I wonder most is whether there's a secret pocket.