YNOT Gulper Bag On Sale

Awesome bags just got awesomer. YNOT is having a sale on their Gulper bags. Able to hold whatever you give it (that's what she said), they're now only 150 and 160. Snag them here.

Pedalhard : Track Crit

Who has the car? I got the gas, grass, or ass.

CMWC 2012 : More Photos

Check out The Bike Fed's Photoset at CMWC because there was an unsanctioned precious cargo race at a sanctioned sprint race. AMIRITE?


Roadrunner Bags

Brad at Roadrunner Bags made a commercial/edit/whatever that exhibits all his products in an awesome fun filled day at the beach. Brad's one of the easiest people to work with when it comes handling a bag to my specs and my fuck yeah bag was a great travel bag to Chicago's CMWC. If you're interested in a bag, check out his site here and browse his selection.

Italy : Marco Cremascoli Photography

Check out this Italy based photographer, Marco Cremascoli. His work got a great look to it and I definitely like his Official Masi set.
See more here.


Dos Noventa Runs NYC Trailer

Dos Noventa got a lot of footage while out in NYC during Red Hook Crit. I'm glad their footage is getting out there as the weekend was spectacular. I'm even in it with repping my LOW hoodie! Stoked.

CMWC Is Over & I'm About To Relapse

Congrats to winners Craig T. Etheridge and Josephine Reitzel for winning this years Cycle Messenger World Championship. Some of the best messengers from around the world came through to compete for title and their times were impressive. I loved Chicago. Sure, the city was great, but without people like Niko, the Peck sisters, and the BMA out there who dedicated so many hours to a very organized and well planned CMWC, I wouldn't have cared less about visiting. Internationally, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, and Canada were all well represented while the local cats tore it up. I already have FOMO for next year's Stupor Bowl. Thank you everyone for such an awesome time! While I collect my belongings (my bike is still floating somewhere in Chicago) and myself, I'll steadily post photos throughout the week from my trip.