Friday the 13th Part 8 Alleycat Recap

1st - Brean Shea
2nd - Kenny D

What I love most about Tony's race is there's some kind of method to his mayhem. For this race, the checkpoints were all haunted landmarks. Awesome.

Fixed Fest : SF Wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Criterium

Here's a pic of Yung Marc, Chas, and Walton leading the peleton at Fixed Fest's Criterium yesterday. In the end, Marc would come in 3rd, Chas 2nd, and Walton first. Congratulations, guys!


Proper Hustle Is Going To CMWC 2012!

I just booked my tickets! Time to pack!

Sean & Sci'Con Travel Bags

There's a lot of buzz going on with a number of my friends traveling to Jakarta for Fixed Fest. Sean, Chas, Yim, Yung Marc, Ryan, Kelli, Crihs, Clary, and Walton are already on the other side tearing it up. I'll try to keep up to date with everything that's happening, but damn am I not enraged with envy. Sci'Con was nice enough to kick down some travel bags to Sean and the CBNC team for this trip. What lucky.



Dos Noventa Knog Blinder Party

Check out Dos Noventa's Knog Blinder Party in Barcelona. DN has really been holding down as the hub for all things fixed gear lately and I'm glad they've been on the up and up.

Great job, guys!

DC Shoes : Ken Block's GYMKHANA 5

No, this video has nothing to do with bicycles, but everything to do with doing cool shit in San Francisco. Ken Block comes out with another great video of him tearing through the streets hooning out. What I love most is that while most of his previous videos are usually isolated to one area (his last video was between a dock and an adjacent warehouse), this takes you everywhere from Bay Bridge to Northbeach to Portrero Hill.

Vans & The Diggest

Check out this team up featuring Alex Valentino, Kevin Kalkoff and Matthias Dandois and their spot finding tour guide, Ralphy Ramos.

Bike Porn : Kinfolk

Here's one way to start with your morning. Strong, high contrast, and mean. How I like to start off my week.