Mission Workshop VX Series Bags

Mission Workshop reinvents their Rucksack, Messenger, and Fitzroy bag with their new ARKIV closure system. It looks classy, and if it's coming from MWS, you know they put a lot of work into creating something better, not just different.

Peep the bags here.

48x15 : Volume 2

48x15 Mag's got their second volume out. Browse it here.

SPOKELAND Bike Part & Tool Swap

Don't forget this Sunday is the Spokeland Part n Tool Swap! Cuz I know you guys... kiiinda.

Check out their FB event here.


Cadence x 686 Rain Gear

Cadence dropped some new gear into their collection including their work with 686. They also reupped on their classic Eleven hoodies as well. Check out their store.

BFF : Dirty Harry Alleycat Video

Thanks to JB for getting this edit done from BFF's Dirty Harry Alleycat. Crackin, buddy!

Velo Orange Instructional Videos

Velo Orange has some break down instructional videos that give simple instructions on some not so everyday tasks. Everyone likes to watch videos, right?

Check out their Vimeo page here.


Chrome's Got Another Contest!

Yup, I'm leveraging my blog to win a D300 from Chrome for their "I'm a McKenzie, You're a McKenzie" photo contest. Like my photo and if I win, I promise to:

1. Shoot more
2. Shoot more drunk photos
3. Shoot more bike photos
4. Shoot more (make your requests)
5. Fight Sean Martin

Click through to the photo here.

iMiNUSD Welcomes Kenny Arimoto

iMiNUSD: Kenny Arimoto from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

When Kenny and I were shooting the shit months ago, he mentioned iMinusD in passing. I knew this has been a long time comin.

Congratulations on Kenny Arimoto for iMiNUSD!

Bike Porn : Wet Colnago Seat Cluster Porn


Fyxo Opens Up Shop

Now technically Andy doesn't call this a shop, but a physical extension. It looks like a break room of an aging professional filled with timeless decor. See more photos at Fyxo.