Tatum Mangus : Art Show

Tonight, 6-8pm at Cykel. I'll see ya'll there!

Stupor Bowl

Chas and Crihs are already on their way out. Good luck to you both!

LA : TOLA X CHR Winter Series

All you LA heads, come out and support TOLA and Chicken Hawk Racing's winter series that kicks off tonight! Me, Anton, and Clary will be cruising next week to the fixed crit. Bring the heat!


2012 NAHBS

By the way, did I fail to mention this is coming up soon? DUN DUN DUN.

The list of exhibitors is no joke. Ahearne, Bruce Gordon, Igleheart, Broakland, Ira Ryan, , Della Santa, Hunter Cycles, Brooks and so much fuckin more...

Bruce Gordon Cycles at the NAHBS

Yesterday, I posted Hufnagel's 5 build frames from scratch with each tubing neatly laid out to show the build process. Today, we got Bruce Gordon giving an outlook on what they will be offering at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show.

"As mentioned a few long weeks ago, there will be a few frames at the Hand Built show that bear the Bruce Gordon name. Unlike some builders, these aren't going to be the over the top, only-affordable-if-you-sell-a-kidney type frames; not saying such bikes haven't worn the BG livery."

Shit, I thought kidneys were a dime a dozen.

Jakarta Cyclist's Number One Enemy.

Malaysia looks like a blast to ride. Buses, not so much.


Fast Co presents Valentine's Day Ride

Everyone is invited so technically, there's no Sadie Hawkins involved. Better to spend your night with your bike than $20 on a bouquet of roses tho.

Bike Porn : Hufnagel 5 builds

Check out the build process for 5 Hufnagels at their flickr.

North American Cycle Courier Championships!

It may a little early to mention, but I'm too excited about it. North American Cycle Courier Championships, or the NACCCs, is in Richmond this year. It also falls on my birthday weekend. What more than to do some traveling, maybe a little racing, and more importantly, party with folks from across the country?

Racers, sign up! Online registration is now up and you can check out sign uph here. I spy 2 SF cats already signed up. Woohoo!



TCB Shirts!!!

TCB Courier is selling t-shirts! Modeled by the lovely Kelli and yung Marc Marino, you can swoop them here.

Superb Bicycle Vivace

Superb Cycle is now taking pre orders on their steel lugged track frames. Constructed of lugged Columbus Zona tubing with a lugged flat crown track fork, and a plethora of Superb S engravings on the seat stays, crown fork, drop outs, and brake bridge. Superb even made life easier by standardizing with a 1" head tube, english threaded bottom bracket, 27.2 seatpost, and 120 rear spacing.