Messengers of SF.

Here's a short film JB Davis of WOB made while on the job. Wait, weren't you supposed to be working?

Bike Messengers of San Francisco from JB Davis on Vimeo.


Mash Topography Bar Wrap

When I visited LA several weeks ago, I snapped this brilliant photo of Robert's Mash Topography bar tape in front of Orange20. I gotta admit, this is clean as hell. All light colored tape collects dirt over time, and this is no exception. However, what does set this tape off from most everyone else is the topography lines that shine through the dirt and grime. They also use a different material that feels more like a tennis grip than cork.

Crucifixed Poker Run

I love last minute things! When I thought this weekend in the Bay Area was going to be quiet, my friends from Oakland decided to throw a race. If you've never done a poker run, then rest assured; it's not that hard. At each stop, you pick one playing card. The one with the best hand comes out the winner. $5 entry, 5 stops, and it'll be easy enough for everyone to participate. Winner takes all. Winner takes ALL. Thanks, Crucifixed Bicycle Club.

Time : Saturday, July 16 - 1-4pm
Location : Gazebo at Lake Merrit, Oakland
Fee : $5

Cadence Facade Collection

These just dropped. DAMN. The promise that these shoes will be different than any others is that over time, they will grow their own personality(?). Get em here.


Plemons Double Straps

I've been using all kinds of straps since I started riding. Nylons never worked. Leather was alright, but constantly stretched and I always seemed to retighten them. The only things I trusted for a long time were Toshi's. They never broke, stretched infrequently, and were comfortable. But at $100+, I couldn't afford more than one.

In comes Plemons Double Straps. They're made from leather, made by messengers, and are $60. The leather is extremely tough. Instead of teeth to grab onto the strap, there are holes to tighten down. I'd also like to mention they are just more comfortable than Toshi's during their first months. And hella classy. I gotta mention hella classy.

Levi's Commuter Jeans Recap

Friday at Boxdog Bikes kicked off the 511 Levi's Commuter Jeans tour. Everyone crumpled in and had free chips and beer. While I didn't see a pair of pants in sight, I've done a little legwork and found 7x7's article about them. They have a commuter style fit, and are coated to repel water and mud and priced at $78 for jeans and $128 for their jacket. My biggest concern is blowing out the crotch, a commuter's biggest concern.

All that aside, the night continued with a few pitchers of 21st Amendment's Back in Black IPA and then the details became hazy. Anybody want to fill me in on what else happened?

NOS Cyclops road framesets

Jessica sent me this 50cm NOS Cyclops road frameset from the Mash store. I also saw a 56cm NOS Cyclops, perfect in my size, while scouring their site too. This' what Prolly had to say about Cyclops:

"Mike Mulholland was way ahead of the curve and if you ever get a road bike, this is what you need to hunt for. Mike first started making bicycles under the Cyclops name when in 1983 he purchased Lovell Bikes in Toronto. From there, he lead a life that many would call OCD, racing cross and road, making custom bicycles for clients and toying with various paint job and exquisite detailing. Since Mike's death in 2005, these bikes have achieved a cult-like following. "

This thing is a beaut and she and I will be taking donations now: