Arizona : State Bikes' Midnight Crit Race

Peeped this at TOLA. State Bikes will host a fixed crit and winner will be flown out to SF with a free hotel for the weekend. Sounds pretty sick. Check out their FB page for updates.

But all I can think is Clary should have worn a black shirt that day.

Fish's Brooklyn Machine Works

I caught Fish at Affinity in NYC. His BMW looks beat to shit, but it's far from it. He not only raced it at RHC, but also messengers on the daily with it. Not to mention before it traveled with Fish to Amsterdam, Austin had it for quite some time. This is one bike that gets worked on.

Look for Fish and his BMW in the next issue of Fixed Mag. Yes, it was shot by me and this is promotion. HOLLA.


NYC : Affinity Shop Visit

Affinity doesn't feel like a bike shop. It's got everything new to old, modern to classic, and in between. But with wall art of Monstertrack 13, and 30 heads chillin, it felt like what a bike shop should be. Plus, they had something bike oriented that every buddy could relate to. Remember bomber plates? Every good nostalgic moment deserves another.


Red Hook Criterium : Marc Marino

I also got one of Marc Marino through the same turn as Steve. I like this one a little more from the desolate feeling around Marino and how the lights mute out his usually loud pink bike. FYI - He was not last.

Red Hook Criterium : Steve Tortorelli

It being my first time in NYC and Red Hook, I was pretty overwhelmed and a little in over my head. I got this nitty gritty photo of Steve through the popular turn that took out multiple people through the race.