Bay Area Swap Meets

Another San Francisco Swap Meet, flyer design by Victor from Archive Bags. These always turn out great, but make sure you come early.

Also on April 17th, East Bay will be having their own swap meet. 1 PM at Mosswood Park.

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Bike Porn Image of the Day: Spoke Coffee Stirer

During my trip to LA, I lived with a few cats that showed me LA biking. We stopped over at Golden Saddles Cyclery, who will be open by April, to catch up with some friends, and I caught this of Kyle stirring his coffee with a spoke. Ingenious.

While we're on the topic of coffee, this weekend was the Coffee Ride in San Francisco. While I was not able to make it, it looked like a great time and I will have to participate for the next one. What a beautiful Sunday it was too.

Eve & her Rock Lobster.

This is Eve and her Rock Lobster. When Eve's family didn't have the money to buy her a track frame, Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Custom Cycles donated this to her. Paul's world renowned for his craftsmanship. Usually, you never hear a story like this and I find it surprising that someone of his caliber can give back to the community like this. 24" wheeled track frames are not his norm, which means he had to spend a lot of time and research into building this very unique frameset. Hats off to a lucky girl and a superlative builder.

This is Eve and Paul Sadoff

And this is Eve and Jack