NYC Messengers Invade SF Alleycat

NYC comes to SF and plans an alleycat... this should be very interesting.


Red Hook Criterium Course Map

Get your hearts jumpin and your legs pumpin, Red Hook course map is out! I already know where I'll be shooting from!

Maggie's LOW Pursuit

I spotted this photo from Dom's blog and although I'm still editing my shots of this sexy beast, here's a teaser. Maggie's significant other has the first ever LOW track standard in blue with white decals and has written "Apres moi le deluge", or "After me, the flood." I hope once it's built up, I'll be able to shoot both of them with it.


Fast Co presents Super Commuter Alleycat

So glad to help these girls out with sponsorships for this race. Fast Co's got their shit together coming with their first race.

February 23
Meet at the Island
Bags & Locks are required

See you there!