This Is What You Get For Moving To LA

Just saw this at my friend Erika Kali's page. This is what you get for moving to LA. You get my battle dance pose during an Ice.

Dos Noventa : NYC Bombing

One of the best photos I got out of NYC was on the last morning I was there. I followed Dos Noventa, Clary, Christian, Sebastian, and Corey around and snapped shots one handed all day. This was a fun little descent into Central Park. Nobody knew what the tunnel took us to, and there was some hard skids coming in, during, and out of it.

Blow this photo up.

Six Pack Shuffle: Bon Voyage edition

Disclaimer : If you've ever done a shuffle, you'll understand this shitty photo fits.

Nate Rotsko is a long time friend and the originator of Six Pack Shuffle. Not only a solid guy, but the "get shit done" kinda person. He's moving out to NYC in 2 Saturdays and has a whole list of shit prepped for his bon voyage.

If you're not familiar with Six Pack Shuffle, it consist of a 6 pack, beer shuffling, and then drinking one at 6 locations. I made the mistake of bringing whiskey as well and getting home was the worst. And if you think this won't be worth it if you're new, this' the perfect time to get acquainted.

So come out this Tuesday and Check out the FB event here


SF Greenseries : Tic Tac Toe Alleycat

I've lived here since 2008, attended countless alleycats, but I've never thrown one myself. After a blunt and a brew with SF Greenseries, I knew it was about time. Tic Tac Toe is going to be a fun one. Not really about the fastest, but the smartest. Get 3 in a row to win.

April 27, Friday (Yes, before Redbull Ride+Style)
$5 entry/1st In Takes All
Lots of prizes for everyone else!

Add yourself to the FB event here.

Thanks to all our sponsors so far:


MASH Race : 1 Year Anniversary

And another one...