Bombing on a BMX

Forget road bikes, track bikes, and FGFS bikes. Shred the gnar by bombing a hill on a BMX bike. And it looks like the road is Conzelman Rd in Marina.

Rafi's Raphael Cycles Track Bike

When designing a frame, the aesthetics are every bit as important as its function. So when Rafi set out to design a track bike for himself, he had to make it good. Take one look at Rafi's logo of Atlas holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. Go ahead. Take a look. Awesome, right?

Check out my favorite shots below and my Flickr set for the rest.


LA : Stolen : 1950's Cinelli Track Bike

I'm really sad to hear about this one. Rene Acosta's 1950's Cinelli Track Bike was recently stolen from Sherman Oaks (Riverside Dr./Van Nuys Blvd.) and he's about to fly out to CMWC next week. If anyone in the LA area has any information, email me and help him out!

Huckleberry Bicycles Safe Cracking Party!

Huckleberry Bicycles Safe Cracking! Straight from HB's site :
We found a locked safe in our wall.
We are going to crack it and you could win half of its contents!

$2 dollars a ticket. Buy 10 or more and receive an invitation to the Safe-Cracking Party, where safe-cracker extraordinaire Ken Dunckle will crack the safe. All proceeds go to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Tickets for the drawing are available at our store, or here. Tickets on sale now through July 31st. Grand prize winner receives half of the safe’s contents. In the event that the safe is empty, or its contents suck, a sure-to-please back-up prize has been set aside for the grand prize winner.

Thanks for the support, and good luck!

Fixed Soldiers : This Is My Night

Puma Social comes out with another mini webisode, but this time to highlight Juanma's efforts in Barcelona. Part owner of Dos Noventa and CREAM Bikes, he talks about why he enjoys riding, how fixed gear started and grew in Barcelona, and why it continues on.

"Why Do You Like Riding A Bicycle?" with Tyler & Walton

Tyler M Johnson and Walton Brush are asked "Why Do You Like Riding A Bicycle?" Tyler lays it down plain and simple; it's fun. But Walton says it best.

"If I want to be alone or if I want to hang out with people or if I'm sad or if I have excessive energy, it kind of helps for anything. If i'm sad or i want to be alone or if i want to explore something new or you know, somewhere you've been a thousand times, it's kind of the perfect way to do that."


The North Race 2012

I don't care that most of them are plain clothed schmucks that looked like they stepped out of Uptown bar after day drinking and hopped on their bikes.

What I do care is the epic journey planned around riding their bikes down some epic scenery with no distractions, but the beautiful outdoors. Well done.

Chas & Crihs Riding Through Singapore

Aren't they cute...

Victor Archive's Rafael Cycles Cyclocross Bike

Victor, a friend and a great craftsman, recently built up his custom Rafael Cycles cyclocross bike. The details are gorgeous and the only thing that can eclipse the lug work is the OS stem.

See more at my Flickr set.



CMWC 2012 : Buy This Artwork!

This artwork was done by Ryan Duggan will be available for purchase at CMWC this year. One talented illustrator, his rap sheet is long and impressive (Bring on the jokes, guys) and can't wait to own my own print of this trip.

Fixed Fest 2012 : Duraath's Photos

This shot of Clary leading the Peloton out of the crit was shot by Duraath. He's got some solid photos out on his tumblr so be sure to check out the rest here.