Hub Porn : Curtis Odom

Curtis Odom wanted to bring back the vintage style hubs like Bayliss, but with something more practical. Referencing the notorious hubs of the past, he recreated some of the most notable hubs to date; cut outs galore, bacon slicers, and even hi-lo's. But what these have over their predecessors is cartridge bearings.


Bishop Cycles : Prolly's Fuckin Badass Bishop.

Did I have to use a photo with Prolly looking goofy as fuck? Yes. Do I have other ones? Yes.

Prolly's Bishop is fuckin badass. FUCKIN BADASS. It won best fillet brazed frame at the show. Actually, of the 3 bikes Bishop brought out, each one won an award. This was only 1 of 3 and I'll be sure to post the rest tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the rest of the flicks.


NY to SF Alleycat Photos

Hosted by Stone Tone, enjoyed by all. Sorry, no details as half a bottle of rebel yell, some brownies, and hella jammers kept me from enjoying any after party. Click here to get to the set.

Road Wolf Night Shot

While I was out shooting with Macaframa, I got this quick snap of Road Wolf. A little gritty, kinda dramatic, and mostly awesome. Enjoy!

NAHBS 2012 : Speedhound Cycles

Speedhound Cycles was packed full of niche components on these two fresh builds. Pre-war cotter cranks, skip tooth drivetrain, and wood rims make up a couple of details on the teal frame. Check out the crown detailing. Fresh.

They're especially known for their dropout system (SDS)with any type of drivetrain.