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Spotted this over at Haynne's Flickr

Raleigh Olympic Track Frameset

This thing's absolutely beautiful. I regret not having the funds to pick this up.

Riverside Sprints

(Photo courtesy of John Reiss)

Here's a fun sprint race out of my favorite shitty town, Riverside. Ha! Miss you guys.

Dufferin between John st/ Harrison.
Riverside, CA 92504

Registration will be at 9 PM
Races start at 10:30 PM

head-to-head heats till the last women and man standing.
$3 entry, prizes for the winner of each division.

Mens Fixed
Mens Geared
Womens Fixed
Womens Geared

1/4 mile race. winner proceeds, loser complains.

The 24 TT by Rapha

Dig In: The 24 TT from RAPHA on Vimeo.

... and watch.

Tour de Cupcake!

Look what I found: Tour de Cupcake! What started in 2008, it's taken almost 3 years before it's finally come back around. Here are the details:

- In an alleycat format, every cupcake you eat gives youa time deduction.
- Max 300 racers with after party at CellSpace
- Bike Valet

Check out their interim site and FB event page.

Registration is officially open here and you have to register online to race: http://tourdecupcake2011.eventbrite.com/

Tour de Cupcake
Sunday, Oct. 9th, 2011. 1pm.
Starting line TBD.
$15 (gets you TWO parties with free beer and treats, 5 gourmet cupcakes to slam during the race, bike valet, spoke card, T-shirt discount, etc...)

Please spread the word!

City Expedite Trailer

Just saw this floating around. This may be interesting...

Falling In Love...

...Can't be more simple.

Bike Porn : Parlee

Found over at Flwrider


Your First Time Chrome Contest

Got an email about a new Chrome contest so check out the details. Thanks, Corinne!

Cinelli Tattoo

This Cinelli tattoo kills it.And a little of the other one. HA! Spotted on Hern's blog.

"You're Not Worthy" Ride

Ash has been running/a part of this ride for as long as I've known him, which is a couple years. This isn't one of those social rides; it's an enduring century that takes you from LA to Escondido with a sweet reward of attending the Stone Brewery.

Here are the details, but check their Facebook event as well.

Cadence Clothing & Free Shipping

Cadence clothing is running free shipping for all online purchases. Support Dustin; he's been a huge supporter and leader of everything you know about bike culture til this day.

Sorry Hawaii and Alaska fans, but no free shipping for you. WOMP WOMP.

Transformers Dubstep

from Vimeo.

Sidenote: When I first started track racing this season, I met Alex Farioletti. If any of you are familiar with ThrownBlown and all his go pro videos of track racing, this' the guy.

Alex, as well as all track racers I've met this year, seem to find the best youtube videos ever. Here's the latest and greatest. Check it out MEOW.


Clancy moves to Portland

Just found out a friend, Clancy, moved up to Portland and started working at Western Bike Works. I was wondering where he went after a long period of not seeing him at Pedal Rev. Look, you can even see him and his signature hat in the warehouse.

Congrats on the move, brother! I'll have to stop by soon!

Bicycle Film Fest 2011 hits LA!

The weekend long BFF hits LA September 7-11. I've heard some big name sponsors, like City Grounds, is sponsoring this. FYI: I'm helping out with SF BFF 2011 so get hyped.

Here's where it's gonna be:



I've always loved 3Rensho's and do I love even more are modeulo lugs on them. So when I saw the two pop up randomly, I thought I should do a small write up for it.


Bicycle Messengers of SF

Here's a short film JB Davis of WOB made while on the job. Wait, weren't you supposed to be working?

Bike Messengers of San Francisco from JB Davis on Vimeo.

Luthianian Mayor Smash.

A Lithuanian Mayor gets serious about parking in the bike lane…

Yes, this is staged, but this is still awesome that they would allocate funds to use an APC to run over a Mercedes. And how did this come about? Frustrated citizens wrote to the Mayor and he took action. No politics, no frills, just a very bold statement. Thank you, Mayor Zuoka.

Fixed 08


Fixed Mag's 8th copy is downloadable from their website. Thanks, brothers. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Get it here.

Blacks & Bikes (Not trying to be racist)

When most people think of cyclist, they imagine the average person to be white. Well one group of cyclist is trying to change that. National Brotherhood of Cyclist recently made news when they showed up to the church to receive a blessing at Cathedral of Christ the Light sponsored by the group. Their aim was to promote health and exercise to combat obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif The group ihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifs admirable in their aims, but they’re not the only group who made news recently. Black females in DC have been standing up to advocate cycling in the black community.

Veronica Davis is part of Black Women Bike DC who started off with only 6 members, but is up to 60.

Kinda weird I want to write about this, but it’s just as important as any other bicycle related topic. Now I'm gonna go away and think about this some more...

Cinecycle movie trailer

CINECYCLE x LEVIS VIP Screening from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

I really wish I was in New York for this...


Lil' Tuffy designs Outside Lands Poster

SF known Lil' Tuffy designed this year's Outside Lands poster. I'm way more excited for the poster than the actual show. If you do come up to The City during this event, stop by his bar, Pop's bar, that's also pretty awesome.

This is a Queer...

This photo reminds me of what a wild weekend is. Thanks, Crihs Srihs, for getting around to developing this roll.