2011 Pedal Savvy Fashion Show Video

I'm in it! So is Steve! MODEL MAYHEM MELTDOWN!


Billy Souphorse x Bern Helmets

If you're flipping through this month's Urban Velo and you see this dashing gentleman advertising a Bern helmet, that's Billy Souphorse. If you didn't get his signature at Interbike or have never met him, he's one hell of a guy. He is part Pedalr, a better marketplace for people who love bikes. He's an amazing marketeer, working with Mission Workshop, Affinity, SF Bike Expo, and of course, Bern. And he rides. A lot.

This is a "Get To Know This Guy" post if you didn't already know.


CWMC from Storts Tortorelli

The Yung Steve Tortorelli uploaded pics from CWMC where he traveled with Fergus, Chas, and Ryan.

Sorry, Steve. I stole this picture. Just like I did your pants and now that word's out.

Cadence : 20% til Friday

If you've been holding out on buying Cadence gear because you're broke from trying to buy your unappreciated significant other an overpriced gift, Cadence offers 20% til Friday. And if you haven't seen the recent drops like Conzelman, Glare, or Barrier, it's time to.

There's 300 other examples, but damn those jewelry commercials.