Thomas Edison Tricks on a Fixed Gear

Bike Tattoo Porn

Because I'm feeling pretty excited, and still getting ready, for my trip to LA to hang with Juan, Sean, and the party, here's photos to keep you goin.

Cadence : Morning Shift

Cadence and LOW are two of the most busy SF cats I know. I have a strong sneaky suspicion that something's brewing between them. Yeah, this may have been a waste of a post, but when I see Cadence post with anything LOW, I get really excited. SHARE IN MY EXCITEMENT!


SF Bike Expo Happy Hour @ Pushbike

SF Bike Expo will be having a happy hour tonight at Pushbike! It's gonna get crackin and Sarah is even giving us an extra treat with 50% off the clothing rack for tonight's party as well as the 10% the entire store, but only during Happy Hour!

Make sure you buy your advance ticket for SF Bike Expo so you can get a raffle ticket too. Crackin.

Benny Gold on MASH Logo

Benny Gold has a great write up about getting nostalgic about the MASH logo. Many of you don't know, but Benny Gold was the designer years ago and even further, Benny Gold came outta HUF. He's been around it. Check out his write up here.

Full Frame Collective : Chris Willmore

Chris Willmore was recently added to the list of contributing photographers to Full Frame Collective. I have always admired his photos and am stoked to see him on FFC. Congrats! I can't wait to see what more you got.

Keo Curry for DVS

Keo Curry for DVS Shoes from HHIIRROO on Vimeo.

Keo's been a steadfast name in the freestyle world. Before it was FGFS, it was tarck. Guess who was around for that? Keo. Congrats!

Brenton Salo Photography

Most people can hold a camera. Few and far photographers can shoot well. Brenton Salo is one of them. And he's been around so when I saw his this photo this morning, I knew I had to give him a little love. Check out his site and flickr here.


Free Bicycle Repair Stands Pop Up on Market St

Free bicycle repair stand pops up in an unused newsstand in the cutty part of Market. It's open from 7:30-8 Monday through Friday and serves its purpose of assisting commuters with small jobs like oiling up chains or pumping up tires.

Peeped from SFist

I heard Eugene Hood is back in town...

I heard Eugene Hood is back in town...

Ai Weiwei Bike Art Installation

An absolutely amazing piece by Ai Weiwei. The story goes that he spoke out against China, and through it, has been detained for 81 days due to tax evasions. Who detains a person while investigation occurs? More so, he had his studio raided by police and his firm's accounting books taken. Now the government wants him to pay 2.4 million in taxes. If it sounds ridiculous, read the article here. Shit, he couldn't even attend his own art show.