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Massan's LOW

If you could see the details on the downtube, you'll notice that it's very intricate shapes in different brushes. I'll see if I can't procure a couple photos of it before it's shipped off to Massan...

Pushbike In Store Sale


Pushbike is having a year end blowout sale! ALL CLOTHING 20-50% OFF! extra markdowns on various bags and accessories! IN-STORE ONLY!

Pushbike Jerseys 20% OFF (sizes are moving fast on the Team Jersey, so show up early)

Jeans 25% OFF
All Jackets 25% OFF (swrve Milwaukee, Endura waterproofs included!)
Knickers 30% OFF
Shorts 30% OFF
Special Clothing rack 50% OFF
$10 pushbike tees!
10% OFF R.E.Load Bags, 10% OFF ILE Bags, 15% OFF Fabric Horse, 10% OFF Rickshaw Bags



Art Basel 2011: Artists, Bikes and BFF

They got Yelle?! DAMMIT!

Here's another video with, and most importantly made by, the Yung Jen Whalen who travels to Art Basel Miami to catch up with artists who have been involved in the BFF and their passion for bikes.


Cog Magazine #11 - Ube Takes The Cover

The new COG mag is coming out and the cover was done by none other than Ube of Ube's Icecream Shop. So this is what you were talking about... Cute.


Cadence Commercial

Cadence Collection: Purpose Perplex from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.

I first sneaked this at Terry's show a couple weeks ago, but now it's out. Peep Cadence's commercial. Also see Full Frame Collective's lookbook of Cadence's winter collection here.

Pushbike Online Store Up

Pushbike has their online store up now! If you ever wondered what kind of goodies Pushbike offers or was too broke the last time you visited, you can grab it at their online store. It's always nice to chop it up with Sarah and the gang, but hey, if you're too far or too lazy, go here now.

Their online shop has been updated with Pushbike Team Jerseys, hard to find Freight Bags, PB x R.E.Load bags not available anywhere else, and plus other great stuff.


Mission Workshop VX Series Bags

Mission Workshop reinvents their Rucksack, Messenger, and Fitzroy bag with their new ARKIV closure system. It looks classy, and if it's coming from MWS, you know they put a lot of work into creating something better, not just different.

Peep the bags here.

48x15 : Volume 2

48x15 Mag's got their second volume out. Browse it here.

SPOKELAND Bike Part & Tool Swap

Don't forget this Sunday is the Spokeland Part n Tool Swap! Cuz I know you guys... kiiinda.

Check out their FB event here.


Cadence x 686 Rain Gear

Cadence dropped some new gear into their collection including their work with 686. They also reupped on their classic Eleven hoodies as well. Check out their store.

BFF : Dirty Harry Alleycat Video

Thanks to JB for getting this edit done from BFF's Dirty Harry Alleycat. Crackin, buddy!

Velo Orange Instructional Videos

Velo Orange has some break down instructional videos that give simple instructions on some not so everyday tasks. Everyone likes to watch videos, right?

Check out their Vimeo page here.


Chrome's Got Another Contest!

Yup, I'm leveraging my blog to win a D300 from Chrome for their "I'm a McKenzie, You're a McKenzie" photo contest. Like my photo and if I win, I promise to:

1. Shoot more
2. Shoot more drunk photos
3. Shoot more bike photos
4. Shoot more (make your requests)
5. Fight Sean Martin

Click through to the photo here.

iMiNUSD Welcomes Kenny Arimoto

iMiNUSD: Kenny Arimoto from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

When Kenny and I were shooting the shit months ago, he mentioned iMinusD in passing. I knew this has been a long time comin.

Congratulations on Kenny Arimoto for iMiNUSD!

Bike Porn : Wet Colnago Seat Cluster Porn


Fyxo Opens Up Shop

Now technically Andy doesn't call this a shop, but a physical extension. It looks like a break room of an aging professional filled with timeless decor. See more photos at Fyxo.


Bay Area Super Prestige Cross Race #4

Bay Area Super Prestige #4 will be held at Coyote Point. Another fun day pickin dollars outta the dirt.

TCB Party Recap

The TCB party was awesome. Everyone old and new came by and I even got to see some faces I haven't seen in years. Too bad Dear Mom's shut down at 11pm, but thanks to Sean John for opening his spot for the after party. Thanks for another couch pass out!

While everyone recovers and eventually gets photos out (the one of me looking like Spiderman doesn't count), here are John's photos that highlight that TCB isn't just a business, it's a family. Who knows that feel?

Jason Clary models DZR Midnight Sneakers

Jason Clary's modeling up the new Midnight DZR jams. Check out the set here. Congrats on not even making it look like a job.

I am bummed I couldn't photograph him myself, but Jayne's work is exceptional all the time.


TCB Courier New Site UP

Their new website is up! Click here to order something! Chyeahhh!

And remember, if you have tomorrow night free, come out to TCB's party starting at 8pm at Dear Mom's.

MASH presents Cutty Cross Cat 2

O jam...

Spokeland Co Op Swap Meet

Spokeland Co Op has a swap meet this Sunday. If the flyer's too fancy for you, here it is:

1121 64th Oakland (One block west of San Pablo)
Dec 18th, 12pm-5pm
Free to the public, $10 for Vendors

Come out and show some support!

Quoc Pham Launch Party

This is not about SF. This is about awesome cycling shoes. Quoc Pham Cycling Shoes are top notch fashionable cycling shoes made for everyday use. They look less like your clipless Sidis and more like a pair of classic Italian lace ups. Nothing beats leather in comfort and wear; try a pair of synethics and leather, and you'll notice the difference.

And if you are out in Taipei, GO!


Anton Bennett rides for All City Cycles

Saturday night, I kept telling Anton in a drunken rage "Talk to All City. Get your bio up and let's get you working." Today, I get to read Anton's profile about his All City's Rider Bio page next to the likes of Austin Horse and Christina Peck. Congrats, bro! I feel swollen with pride right now as this has been a long time comin.


SF2G feels like a bicycle club, but has no real structure. For all commuters, and serious to non serious riders, there is a message board for anyone who wants to commute, but not alone. With 3 different options of skill level, anyone has a chance.

Thank God because it gets hella boring seeing sunshine, and beautiful scenery when you're not sharing it with others. If anyone rides up or down the Peninsula for work, contact this message board!


John Reiss Visits Cadence

John Reiss visited Dustin's studio/house and gave perspective to his direction. Everything has Dustin or Ellie's fingerprints on it. Big ups to John for preserving such an imaginative place.

Supermarket Street Sweep 2011 Recap

Supermarket Street Sweep was a blast! 3 hour time limit, and some seriously fun hill climbing. Congrats to Adam Shapiro!

Photos from Koshi , John Reiss, & Jenny

Check out the winners!


Total raised in 2011:

$9,652! (Plus and extra $140 that was collected the day of the race.)

Last year: $4,917 So we very close to doubling last year's total!

$9,652 donated = 38,608 pounds of food
$9,652 donated = 38,608 meals = 1,475 more meals than all of the past street sweeps combined = food for 105 people for a whole year
$9,652 donated = $57,912 of food

Brad Simeral - $6570.30
Chava Kronenberg - $2097.16
Koshi - $407.69
Melissa Anderson - $297.69
Nicholas Navarro - $278.85

The race began at 12:42pm. Here are weight totals and completion times for the Speed Race:


2) Male - Sean Sevilla - 367 lbs.
2) Female - Susan King - 109 lbs.
3) Male - Terry Curley - 241 lbs.
3) Female - Emily + Murphy - 106 lbs. (tandem)
4) Male - Brad Simeral - 234 lbs.
4) Female - Jenn B - 79 lbs.
5) Male - Ted Ketai - 147 lbs.
5) Female - Pamela - 72 lbs.
6) Male - Corey - 138 lbs.
6) Female - Reese - 64 lbs.
7) Male - Nick Birth - 124 lbs.
7) Female - Shanie - 52 lbs.
8) Male - Judah - 110 lbs.
8) Female - Jess - 40 lbs.
9) Male - Steve Lok - 90 lbs.
9) Female - L.C. - 30 lbs.
10) Male - Wes W. - 76 lbs.
10) Female - Kirsten - 25 lbs.
11) Male - Jorge C. - 73 lbs.
11) Female - Mari - 21 lbs.
12) Male - Nate Clack - 55 lbs.
12) Female - Nancy - 16 lbs.
13) Male - Matt Crocker - 32 lbs.
13) Female - Jenn C. - 16 lbs.
14) Male - Derrick - 17 lbs.
14) Female - Alia - 15 lbs.
15) Male - Kit - 32 lbs.
16) Male - Sev - 29 lbs.
17) Male - Paul - 28 lbs.
18) Male - Dewey - 21 lbs.
19) Male - Nicholas Navarro - 16 lbs.
20) Male - Carl H. - 12 lbs.
21) Male - Al Lin - 11 lbs.


2) Male - Greg McQuaid - 1 hr., 59 min.
2) Female - Ruth Emerson - 2 hrs., 21 min.
3) Male - Chris Phipps - 1 hr., 59 min.
3) Female - Claire Porter - 2 hrs., 42 min.
4) Male - Chas - 2 hrs., 1 min.
4) Female - Tori - 2 hrs., 42 min.
5) Male - Steven Tortorelli - 2 hrs., 5 min.
5) Female - Ulrika - 2 hrs., 42 min.
6) Male - Loren - 2 hrs., 19 min.
6) Female - Mandy - 2 hrs., 48 min.
7) Male - Ryan Gerlach - 2 hrs., 19 min.
7) Female - Erica - 2 hrs., 48 min.
8) Male - Louis E. - 2 hrs., 19 min.
8) Female - Melanie - 2 hrs., 48 min.
9) Male - Eric Greenwood - 2 hrs., 19 min.
9) Female - Veronica - 2 hrs., 54 min.
10) Male - Justin Plue - 2 hrs., 24 min.
10) Female - Megan S. - 3 hrs.
11) Male - Jeremiah Steele - 2 hrs., 27 min.
11) Female - May Woo - 3 hrs., 5 min.
12) Male - Jessie Fernandez - 2 hrs., 33 min.
12) Female - Chava Kronenberg - 3 hrs., 6 min.
13) Male - Judd Blair - 2 hrs., 34 min.
13) Female - Laura - 3 hrs., 10 min.
14) Male - Peter R. 2 hrs., 35 min.
14) Female - Carrie - 3 hrs., 17 min.
15) Male - Jason Thorpe - 2 hrs., 36 min.
16) Male - Ken Ho - 2 hrs., 41 min.
17) Male - Kevin Mihovich - 2 hrs., 42 min.
18) Male - Patrick Myall - 2 hrs., 43 min.
19) Male - Emerson - 2 hrs., 43 min.
20) Male - Daniel Kim - 2 hrs., 44 min.
21) Male - Clay D. - 2 hrs., 44 min.
22) Male - Brandon H. - 2 hrs., 46 min.
23) Male - Dyami - 2 hrs., 44 min.
24) Male - Jason Ferrier - 2 hrs., 50 min.
25) Male - Morgan Allen - 2 hrs. 50 min.
26) Male - Tim Gross - 2 hrs., 50 min.
27) Male - Neil Berrett - 2 hrs., 50 min.
28) Male - Edward O., 2 hrs. 54 min.
29) Male - Randy R. - 2 hrs., 54 min.
30) Male - Carlos - 2 hrs., 58 min.
31) Male - Judah M. - 2 hrs., 58 min.
32) Male - Keith B. - 2 hrs., 58 min.
33) Male - Andrew C. - 2 hrs., 58 min.
34) Male - Sean Martin - 2 hrs., 59 min.
35) Male - Chris N. - 3 hours
36) Male - Adam Gerhart - 3 hrs., 6 min.
37) Male - Shaggy - 3 hrs., 9 min.
38) Male - Francisco - 3 hrs., 11 min.
39) Male - Gabe - 3 hrs., 11 min.
40) Male - Errol - 3 hrs., 12 min.
41) Male - Nick H. - 3 hrs., 13 min.
42) Male - Mike D - 3 hrs., 13 min.
43) Male - Benjoaquin - 3 hrs., 14 min.
44) Male - Tom K. - 3 hrs., 14 min.
45) Male - Steve L. - 3 hrs., 17 min.
46) Male - Ben Nathan - 3 hrs., 18 min.


Cadence Inmate Shoes

The newest edition of the Cadence Collection includes these denim and leather sneak collab with DVS. They are limited so stop by their shop and grab them before they're gone.

Miller High Life x Chrome Contest Party

Hey all you non California & DC residents, Chrome's got a contest with their new limited edition gear. Here's what you can win :

Round trip airfare for two to Chicago
Accommodations for three nights
2 custom Miller High Life Citizen messenger bags made to order at the Chrome Chicago Shop
Ground transportation to Milwaukee
A VIP Tour of the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee
Beer sampling at the Bavarian-style Miller Inn
Two Tickets For the Annual “Holiday Lites” Festival in downtown Milwaukee’s Miller Valley

Thanks for sending this over. Enter the contest here

TCB Party!!!

I ran into Chas and John at Full Frame Collective's show last night and they invited me out to this. So I'd like to extend the invitation to everyone else. Hope to see you there!


John Prolly Got Jokes

This is John Prolly. That recent post about Cannondale reissuing the old track bikes? JOKES. They're hella funny. Commend him for stirring the hell outta the interwebz.

Cannondale Reissues the 92-95 Track Frames

I have to repost this. After their track stable wasn't selling well, Cannondale called Prolly. After some conversation, Prolly convinced Cannondale to go back to 93 and will be reissuing those models. Now here's my gripe:

- They're called Tarck 100.
- They will be made in Taiwan.
- Their complete bikes will come with Sun tubular rims.

For a company who rooted themselves on their aluminum craftsmanship in America, why not go all the way? Rather than listening to Prolly, Cannondales going with options that suit them. Regardless, I got a lot of respect for Prolly and I'm glad to see companies like Cannondale are listening to him.

Spotted at Prolly.


More Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you didn't already know, I've checked out for Thanksgiving. I'll try to post a few things while I'm out, but I'll be back Monday with regular updates from this fairy city and around the world. Gobble, gobble!

Photo by Jayne Liu


USA vs. Canada at ADT Velodrome


I went down to ADT earlier this year and the wooden banks are gnarly. It's free and beers are cheap so show up! Come support the velodromes so that more events like these will happen. Please pass this on!

Tipped from Tracko

Rapha Turkey Takeoff Challenge

This Thanksgiving, I'll be participating in Rapha's Turkey Takeoff : Burn 9000 Calories between November 23rd to 27th. While everyone will be feasting on large dinners, breakfasts, lunches, then back to dinners, remember to get out there and ride. Complete the challenge, and you'll receive a Rapha Turkey Takeoff badge. It's a great incentive to do what you're already doing so join up and do the challenge with me!

Black Friday Deals

Screw Best Buy, Wal Mart, and any other large department store this Black Friday and score up on some bike deals. And although I haven't seen anything from Ben's Cycles, keep your eyes peeled because their deals are always pretty awesome. And as more looms out, I'll continue to update this.

King Kog Winter Jersey

King Kog Winter Jerseys are here! Their site is down so you can either call them at (347) 689-2299 or order through mail (I think) at kingkogshop@gmail.com. Their store is 453 Graham Ave in Brooklyn so stop by.