Live @ NAHBS

Yours truly will be heading to Sacramento at 7am to begin reporting at NAHBS. I'll be posting all weekend long so stay tuned for some SHIT!

MASH Time Trial Race to the NAHBS Flyer

Good luck to all my friends racing. I'll see you at the finish!


2 LOWs and a Leader

Between the beers and the lurk, I saw a few friends and their rides. Andrew C just built up his green LOW. I know he's stoked.

Red Hook Criterium Registration Opens

Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 8:00 PM (ET)
Brooklyn, NY



Jason Clary Wheelies A Construction Site

That steel slab wasn't stable either. On his first trial run, he got too far up that it teetered. Check it out below.

YNOT Cycle : Name This Bag Contest

YNOT wants you to name their new bag! They will be offering up the new bag to whoever comes up with the best name, and because they expect some quality names to come out, 5 runner ups will receive their Cellie

"This bag is super light, and boasts mulitple pockets with water repellent zippers. It’s collapsible for easy storage, and expands fully to fit larger loads. We’re pretty excited about this little gem, and have loads more to say – but we’ll wait for it to be properly named before we dish all the goods.

So, help us name this bag by submitting your entry to contest@ynotcycle.com! Then, if we like your name the best, then you’ll not only be able to claim bragging rights, but WIN one of these babies too! Feel free to include a justification behind your name choice – bonus points for understanding what we’re all about, or just sheer creativity."

NAHBS Report : Thursday Ride to the NAHBS


NAHBS Report : Bike Heist Screening

The Bike Heist will be screening at the NAHBS and entry is free so long as you paid to get in through the first door.

Video : Hirondelle in Paris

"Hirondelle Manufrance is a design, a bicycle company founded in 1885. This was the first modern bicycle in France. Here she is restored and mounted by a cute girl in Paris."

NAHBS Report : Peacock Groove

NAHBS are only 3 days away and that means the final touches. Check out this Peacock Grooves show piece. I can't wait to snap a few of this.

Cycle Camera Rig

"Reports last time told us among other things, how you could make your own softat filters and build a ring flash. This week we continue with three new tips, including how to fix a bicycle rig."

Click here for the original Swedish article