Bicycle Film Festival Saturday!

Day 3 of BFF SF! I get to start my day RIGHT meow.

12-6 - Street Party with Trick Comp, between 16th and 17th on Capp
3-5 - Ride with Mike Giant
6+ - Yung Alleycat (TBA, but ask me at the Party)
10 - Milk Bar, 1840 Haight St

If you have any questions on where these places are, you can refer to the BFF site or you can always send me a shout. And to all my friends, my bag will be filled!


BFF Friday news!

2011 Rapha NW Gentlemen's Race from RAPHA on Vimeo.

While I'm still sorting through last night's goldsprint shots and even Vegas, I'll be leading out a ride from the Rapha club in Northbeach at 8. If you're feeling competitive, there's the Dirty Alleycat happening at 5:30.


Bicycle Film Festival SF!

TODAY TODAY TODAY! Kevin Bacon Happy Hour at 6-8 @ Pushbike, then roll over to Goldsprints at 9 @ The Knockout. It's gonna be a destruction baby makin night.

RIH Track

I've always wanted to own a RIH. Dutch origin, they were some of the most coveted back in the day (and to me, still is). If anyone sees a 54 floating around, TELL ME.

Rock and Road Cyclery needs a new entrance

A 86 year old woman drives through the front of a Mission Viejo bike shop, Rock and Road cyclery. I've been here and the entrance isn't just a 5 ft sidewalk away. This blows my mind.


Choppercabras - LA Halloween Alleycat

If only I were in LA for this...

Cadence x RE Load "Dash" Bag

Get this ultraxclusive Cadence "Dash" bag at their store now!

Cinelli Girl

This photo reminded me of Lindsey who I met at Interbike. If you don't know Lindsey, she was the Cinelli girl at their Interbike booth this year. She also is in Chrome's 2012 catalog and also did work with Specialized. I'm excited to work with her and i'm sure whatever we produce, you will be too. Stay tuned.

Premium Rush

I got rushed with 20 FB wall posts about this trailer and I can't help avoiding it anymore. Joseph Gordon Levitt as a bike messenger in Premium Rush. Jessica Simpson is also a messenger? Maybe this will motivate The Discovery Channel to put back on Triple Rush.

Chris at Cross Vegas

Amazing. Chris at Cross Vegas. I'll give him a break. After all, he did complete just 852 miles the day before.

Photo Credit to Beavers.

Vegas Drag Race POV

Here's an edit outta the MASH Drag Race. More will be filtering out as a few people had cameras attached so watch out for those soon.

If you're wondering where I was during this, I wasn't there.


825 Miles in 6 Days.

I'll start my Vegas recap with Chas, Chris, and Marc's ride from SF to Vegas. 825 miles in 6 days. Go straight here for their post on Mash's site.

Good job, guys! After all that, you guys still kept it goin!