Joy Division: Peter Hook performance in SF this Saturday

Sometimes, it takes one item or person to alter your life direction. For me it was a band called Joy Division. As most angst ridden teenagers, I was upset with the world. Dysfunctional family meant music was my outlet.
When I stumbled across the Unknown Pleasures album by Joy Division that was mis-categorized under the U section, I was struck from the iconic cover to the song list. It opened the flood gates from my previous taste in punk and metal to jazz, hip hop, blues, and more.Most music I listened to had the angry punk attitude of "fuck you!"but somehow it couldn't go any further than just that two syllable phrase of anger. But sooner or later someone was going to want to say more than Fuck you. Someone was going to want to say "I'm fucked" and Joy Division was the first band to do that. They used the energy and simplicity of punk to express deeper, complex emotions.

Peter Hook is now touring with another backup band playing Joy Division’s music catalog. I missed the last time he was here playing in its entirety the Unknown Pleasures album. He is now back and is playing the album "Closer" the last LP that Joy Division recorded. Slicing up Eyeballs has a great interview with Peter Hook here

If you are a fan, I encourage all you Bay Area folks to come out and hear the album Closer played by one of the members of Joy Division. Its not selling out when you aren't touring for an album. Peter Hook is touring for the love of Joy Division and what great music they made as young men.
Peter Hook and the Light are playing at the Mezzanine Saturday the 17th of September.
get your tickets as soon as you can


I apologize for the lack of posts. It's been a rocky 72 hours. From biking with 30 lbs of cargo for 20 miles, forgetting I had 2 lbs of detergent in my bag when trying to go to the airport, riding Vegas strip in the rain, getting evicted from our hotel and not allowed back (plus 9 other hotels), and sleeping on floors, it's been a phenomenal time. Now it's time for me to get my head back in the game, and do work. I'll update as soon as I can (find a cable for my camera).