PBR: Open Container Ticket

This' what happens when you get careless. So PBR's putting this on their tab, right?

Cadence Button Down Shirt

Check out Cadence's new button down shirt. Here are the details:

-Subtle back “duck pocket”
-Stretch woven Chambray more movement with our restraint.
-Hidden front pocket with pen slots.
-Made in USA.
-Daily doer.

Great details. I'm putting my order down... once I figure out where...

Light Wolf Trailer

LIGHT WOLF | Teaser from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

Bob Hope and Phyllis Ruth



FWOD: Tumble Weeds Alleycat

This alleycat just popped up a couple days ago and you better bet your ass it's gonna be fun. The lovely lady homies of FWOD, or Fix WithOut Dix, are hosting a race over in Oakland this Sunday. Here's the event info from their Facebook and dont' forget, they have a trans/lady ride every Wednesday:

FWOD Oakland is proud to present our very short notice alley cat TUMBLE WEEDS THIS SUNDAY! (The 28th)
Type: Any bike is welcome
Time: Reg - 1:30, Start 2:00
Fee: $5-10 rolling donation. All procees go to FWODS Broken Bones Fund
Required: Helmet & Lock

Ride Hard & Earn The Downhill

Young Prisms

Young Prisms is a local San Francisco band that has a sound that should be heard live.
You can call them shoegaze, post rock or whatever you may like but this band should not be taken with a grain of salt.They have several 7' splits,one 12' EP that is sold out and a full length album called "Friends for Now".
They are great and will be playing live at the Hemlock Tavern Friday August 26th with Grave Babies,from Seattle, and another local SF band Permanent Collection to open up for them. Don't miss out because this band will become big in no time(just my humble predictions). Come on out and support some good local music folks, I doubt that you will be disappointed.


Kashimax Promo Video

This video is amazing; well made and informative. This timeless design works; I've had one and with the proper seat angle, was just as comfortable as any 165g modern saddle with a cut out. Plus, the damn thing just feels fast.

Repost from TOLA.

Carryology x Chrome Anton Bag Contest

Carryology is having a Chrome giveaway contest on their site, now for the Anton. How to win? Submit a 140 character blurb and cross your fingers. Hurry as the deadline is on the 27th.

Find out more here.

Hollowgram Crank Tap

This' great inspiration towards getting kegs inside my home. Pulled from Dom's Site

Shadow Pursuit

This photo kills it. Not only because of its silky silhouette, but this the old style pursuit frames where bullhorns were welded directly to the forks. Could it be a Cinelli? Or a Tachion? I wish I knew, but that's okay because this picture is gorgeous.


Interview: 48x15 Magazine

As the only publication focused on fixed gear culture out of Shanghai, 48x15 is bringing what we all know and love to one of the largest cities in the world. I shot them an email and wanted to find out more. Read on!

Eddy Merckx Pista frameset

Check out this beautiful Merckx. It was on sale and probably as much of a decent amount of rent. Check out the rest of the pictures.

Bike Fixtation

Bike Fixtation is a stand alone repair station. Only one exists, which is in Minneapolis, but the company's founders will be selling it to entrepreneurs in other bike friendly cities.


Kaizen by Sepr4life

I don't know what to feel about this. With the past couple year's trend of painting baroque graphics all over any bicycle component without very little rhyme or reason, there's no cohesion in art with bicycle. It's better than some other designs out there (but not better than Cavendish's TT ride), but is saying the least all that much better?


Ari x Incase Camera Bag

They partnered with renowned photographer Ari Marcopoulos to create a camera bag that meets his exacting standards. As a veteran photographer whose work takes him across the globe to a variety of locales and climates, a durable yet comfortable bag is a must. The result of this particular design challenge is a low-profile bag with optimal weather resistance, long-wearing comfort, excellent protection and functional features that allow Ari to access his equipment as quickly as possible, never missing a shot.

Piena Minidrome

Piena Minidrome from Oskars Pastars on Vimeo.

I'm very serious when I say I will build this if I can find a warehouse to put it in.


This is San Francisco


I may not know you but if you live in San Francisco, ride a bicycle, like art or like to have fun then chances are we run in the same circles and will eventually meet so HI!
I will be contributing to this blog from time to time with the permission of the creator of this fine blog.
So with that said here's a photo of one of my favorite spots in beautiful San Francisco.

(bonus points and a high five from me if you know where this photo was taken at)