Chrome Kursk Shoes

A Little Story:

I remember when Chrome first launched their shoe campaign 2 years ago. I shot all over Mission handing out empty boxes redeemable at the shoe launch party. Most people were reluctant, but they knew 2 things: Chrome & free beer.

I got mine in September 09. A year and a half later, 3000ish miles of riding, running, and sloppy drunken nights, they did it all.

Problems I found wearing other shoes to ride in:
- Cages/Straps would rub in 3 problem areas; the big toe and on the sides of the foot
- No support in softer soles leading to a hotspot in the arch
- Laces would catch around the pedal spindle and lead to a sudden "stop"
- They look like hobo shoes after 1 month of riding

All these are solved. They offer a variety of colors and now, they have a SPD compatible version. I tried them out and they held securely when spinning out on the rollers in store.

Check them out at Chrome SF : Shoes or see them in SF or NY.


LDG : Stainless Steel Lock Ring

Normally, I normally don't consider any modern component to be luxurious, but Livery Design Gruppe changed that. Their stainless steel lockrings is CNC'ed to perfection and has the kind of detail that only a few other companies really seek out to extract themselves from the rest. You can find it here: LDG : Livery Design Gruppe