Chrome Kursk Shoes

A Little Story:

I remember when Chrome first launched their shoe campaign 2 years ago. I shot all over Mission handing out empty boxes redeemable at the shoe launch party. Most people were reluctant, but they knew 2 things: Chrome & free beer.

I got mine in September 09. A year and a half later, 3000ish miles of riding, running, and sloppy drunken nights, they did it all.

Problems I found wearing other shoes to ride in:
- Cages/Straps would rub in 3 problem areas; the big toe and on the sides of the foot
- No support in softer soles leading to a hotspot in the arch
- Laces would catch around the pedal spindle and lead to a sudden "stop"
- They look like hobo shoes after 1 month of riding

All these are solved. They offer a variety of colors and now, they have a SPD compatible version. I tried them out and they held securely when spinning out on the rollers in store.

Check them out at Chrome SF : Shoes or see them in SF or NY.

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