More Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you didn't already know, I've checked out for Thanksgiving. I'll try to post a few things while I'm out, but I'll be back Monday with regular updates from this fairy city and around the world. Gobble, gobble!

Photo by Jayne Liu


USA vs. Canada at ADT Velodrome


I went down to ADT earlier this year and the wooden banks are gnarly. It's free and beers are cheap so show up! Come support the velodromes so that more events like these will happen. Please pass this on!

Tipped from Tracko

Rapha Turkey Takeoff Challenge

This Thanksgiving, I'll be participating in Rapha's Turkey Takeoff : Burn 9000 Calories between November 23rd to 27th. While everyone will be feasting on large dinners, breakfasts, lunches, then back to dinners, remember to get out there and ride. Complete the challenge, and you'll receive a Rapha Turkey Takeoff badge. It's a great incentive to do what you're already doing so join up and do the challenge with me!

Black Friday Deals

Screw Best Buy, Wal Mart, and any other large department store this Black Friday and score up on some bike deals. And although I haven't seen anything from Ben's Cycles, keep your eyes peeled because their deals are always pretty awesome. And as more looms out, I'll continue to update this.

King Kog Winter Jersey

King Kog Winter Jerseys are here! Their site is down so you can either call them at (347) 689-2299 or order through mail (I think) at kingkogshop@gmail.com. Their store is 453 Graham Ave in Brooklyn so stop by.


Mark Cavendish Wins Scratch Race at Revolution 34

World Road Race Champion Mark Cavendish of Great Britain celebrates winning the Scratch Race during Revolution 34 at Manchester Velodrome.

He looks way better on a track bike than a road bike...

Puerto Rico : Cinelli x RVCA Art Show

I saw this at I Love Bicycles and got curious. Cinelli and RVCA held a show in Puerto Rico where 10 artist were handed a frame and went to town. These things are gorgeous. You can see the rest of the artwork here.