Quake City Rumble 2012 Comes To A Close

That's right. 4 days of amazing is done. Congratulations to Zach Morvant and Sam Bell for Overall Winners and Sardene and April for making this shit happen! I can't remember all the details, but this' what I do have :

Mtn Lion - Steve Tortorelli
Mtn Lion (Fixed) - Paul Drozdowski
Mtn Lion (Ladies) - Katie Steyler
Female/Trans : 138 - Becca Cohen
Saturday Race - Chas Christiansen
Saturday Race (Ladies) - Sam Bell
TT (Men) - Zach Morvant
TT (Ladies) - Sam Bell
Out Of Towner (Men) - Hernando Montenegro Out of Towner (Ladies) - Mel "LuvSik" Seeger Race To Registration - Anton Bennett
Click through for the rest of the set here.

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