Mash TT

Sunday was the day to end all days. Mash Time Trial race was absolutely nuts. This' 300+ ft climb in 4 blocks. In the fixed category, Kyle, presumably Walton’s brother, took first, and Steve took second. For road, Chris Phipps took first, and Keith Hiller took second. Chris Phipps has a great first account on his blog here. Side note - This would make Crihs' 4th race of the weekend. Man is a beast.

Hey Sean, you jerk. You missed the park and the bar. See the photoset here.


  1. Hey bud! those pictures of the bloody cinelli mash are of my homie Stacy (he's wearing the Bomb Hills Not Countries tee in the photo set). We drove down to SF for ride+style last year from Portland, such and amazing weekend. Stacy passed away a couple weeks after those photos were taken. Is there any way you can send those to me? We'd love to add them to his memorial site on the Facebooks.

    1. Hit me up with your email! six.nguyen@gmail.com

      I did hear about that and I'm sorry for your loss. He seemed like a rad guy.