Redbull + Benny Gold

Saturday was Redbull and if it wasn't covered to death, I'll do a quick sweep of the remnants. After 35 racers, 10 accidents, a lot of day partying in Justin Herman Plaza (like what else is new there), Jason Clary took home first and Kell took home second for the track portion. The FGFS was pretty interesting, but I don't know a damn thing about it. Kenny Arimoto and Sean Eagleton were out there ripping it up on their Destroy Cycles. The partying moved back to Benny Gold's store opening now on 16th & Valencia next to Gestalt. The store closed at 8, but the party didn't stop til 12 and that just trickled slowly into Delirium afterwards. I'd tell you more about the evening, but after two dropped whiskey bottles, i'm just gonna leave it up to the people who were there... Have fun with the photos found here.

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