Help Our Friends To Indonesia!

Help my good friends from CBNC and TOLA get to Jakarta! Exerpt from TOLA's page :

To get to Jakarta! Marc Marino, Kelli Samuelson and I all have invites to go race Fixed Fest 2012 put on by Rocket Company in Jakarta on July 15th (we need to fly out July 10th). We are some of the few Americans invitied and the only two from Los Angeles (Marc is up in SF) to go race and we need your help to get our airfare over there. We want to get to Jakarta and bring home the win and with your help we will. Since we are all friends and Teammates, we though pooling our resources would be best. You guys are one of our resources (we are also seeking donations from sponsors as well). We are working on raffles with a few companies and other types of sponsorship, but we thought the good old fashioned “pass the hat” or “donation jar” on the counter would be a good idea as well. In this case the “hat” or “jar” is a paypal account (Jakartatrip2012@gmail.com) and the counter being the internet. Our Goal for airfare and other trip costs for all three of us is $8000 USD (this is for all three of us), it’s not that lofty of a goal and with your help we can reach it. Thank you.

Anything would help and it is welcomed. It’s a trip of a lifetime and we are trying our best to make it over there and kill it for you guys. Thanks in Advance from all three of us and stay tuned for those raffles, that I have mentioned.

Donate to Jakartatrip2012@gmail.com through Paypal.

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