NYC : My First Night

I wanted to pack light for my trip and chose the Chrome x Cardiel bag. Contents:

2 hoodies
2 pants
2 shirts
3 socks
3 undies (super upgrade from all my other trips)
1 Nikon D7000 w/ lens, 35mm lens, and a few other camera equipment

I still had plenty of room for at least 3 more hoodies, but I figure I'd pick up stuff while i was out in NYC so I wanted to make room. With a special brownie in stomach, and 1.5 hours of a delayed flight, I was on my motherfuckin way.

Touchdown at 2, hit the bar at 3, and party til 6. Shit gets hoodie in Brooklyn at 4am. 10am wake up call for Stone Tone's work day means I didn't sleep (nor did I my entire trip).

O, Coco and Ice T were on my flight.

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