Product Test : Fi'zi:k Insoles (Are The Jam)

I've had these insoles for about a month now and excuse some of the grime, but they've literally been in any pair of shoes I use for the day. Here's the rundown:

While at Interbike, I met Carol who got me on these. Steve who worked at Oakley with 5-10 shoes, came up with this idea after he noticed other racers going to foot doctors and running stores to deal with hot foot and pains. Steve partnered with a famous ski industry leader in moldable insoles, a company named Sidas.

It starts with a wheat renewable thermoplastic resin layer, added a tepex heel cup, a metatarsal pad (low rebound foam), and and the lamp box is at a different temp due to the different resin for the moldable layer. What's this all mean? Low impact foam from toe to heel, the black part dampens road vibration (really well), the tepex heel cup literally molds a shoe to your foot, and it only took one short ride to break in. On top of that, there are 3 separate arch areas that make for an even better fit.

I've had other insoles that don't provide the same foot support as these. Others will have fixed sizes based on your foot arch, but these come in one size and are molded (not while standing, but sitting down and applying pressure similar to if you were riding a bike) to every nook and cranny.

In short, Fi'zi:k really killed it with these insoles.

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