Quake City Rumble! Is Over. =(

QCR was huge! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the volunteers and participants. I had the most amazing time with some of the most amazing people. Here’s my short (I know you all want to see photos) wrap up.

Friday: Congrats to Anton for taking home first in the Where’s Waldo Race! I flatted out coming out the last checkpoint with no pump or usable tube, but overall, this was fun. Thanks, Daniel for making everyone run up and down the dock.

Saturday: There were 3 races. The Pussycat. Dewey took first, and Dyami took second (first fixed). Shaggy couldn’t find the “4th rule at the Franklin Square Kiddy Park” and his efforts to double back for 15 minutes earned him 3rd. Pro tip: Don’t listen to anyone else during an alleycat. Also, best wishes to Marcus and Justin who were hit during this race!
Ladycat! Christina Peck, from Chicago, and her twin sis took first and second. If you don’t know her, look up NACCC 09 as she won the main race. 25 girls participated and this route wasn’t easy.
Cargo Race – Probably the most fun I’ve had carrying cargo, it was a race up Bernal Heights for as many boxes as you can pick up. Each box was worth either 10, 15, 20, or 25 dollars. Kell took $440 in cargo. Congrats, buddy!

Sunday: The Mountain Lion Race, one of the hardest races all year, took the first in 1:40 by none other than Baby Murder Steve. First fixed came in at 3ish hours.
Bike Prom/Awards Wrap Up Show – Thank you, PBR, for supplying 30 cases and to all the sponsors for the prizes. Dyami was there shooting portraits so check them out here. Thanks to Andrea for being a super stellar prom date. Yeah, you get a shout out herre too.

Who has a picture of my stomach cat? Check out the flickr here.

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