Smash & No Grab, Chas at Fixed Fest

Did you hear? One of Tupac's shooters admitted to the shooting outside his studio that happened back in 94. Even bigger news is a friend of mine's headliner news. "Ballsy Woman Chases Down Man Who Tries To Steal Her Bike." On Monday afternoon, between working and curing my hangover, a friend messages me and tells me "I got robbed." In short, he ran off with her wallet after elbowing her in the face and almost her bike until she chased him down and took it back. Next time you see this gorgeous gal, buy her a drink. Pro tip: short hair, short shorts, and always rockin sidi's, she also has a crow tattoo on her right chest (like you should be staring there anyway).

Read the news article here. The story isn't completely on point, but she took back her bike. And that's pretty deep.

On other news, Fixed Fest is happening in Indonesia right now. This video of Chas winning the goldsprints just popped up on Vimeo.

Azizul Hasni vs Chas Mash SF from faz adhili on Vimeo.

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