Cannondale Black Lightning


I swung through Irvine before my LA trip to meet Ania. She sent me a photo pic of her ride weeks ago and couldn't believe it til I saw it. A pristine Cannondale Black Lightning. I don't know which Black Lightning this is, but I'm assuming late 80's or early 90's. You can see more photos here. Here's the rundown:

Front/Rear Derailleur: Gold Anodized SSP
DT Shifters : Gold Anodized SSP
Crankset : Black SSP
Seatpost/Saddle : Black SSP/Unknown
Stem/Handlebars : Black Nitto
Brakes/Levers : Gran Compe Side Pull
Wheels : SSP to Wolber

P.s. - I probably should have taken more photos of the group, but I got caught up with photos of Ania. Now I know...

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  1. That is exactly the same as mine, (was) when I bought back in 88 or 89. I did some upgrading of a lot of components and wheels. I did away with the black cranks, brakes, shifters and other things. But I love this bike. I road mine hard 120 - 140 miles a week and still worked full time. I was 36 when I bought it. I am going to give it it's Spring tuneup and get back out there chasing the wind!! Oh! And Yes! The young lass is cute...but for a 63 year old (me) it is the bike that peaks my interest.